Festival Checklist for Summer 2022

words Al Woods

The summer has just about arrived, and with it plenty of opportunities for day trips. Festivals are a particular highlight of the season. They’re a chance to gather with like-minded music fans and enjoy your favourite bands with the help of a little bit of alcohol and sunshine.

Festival Summer 2022


In 2022, there are hundreds of festivals going on up and down the UK. You don’t need to head for one of the big ones to have a good time. What’s more, it’s never been easier to track down a festival that matches your tastes. If you’re in the north and you’re looking for a dance-heavy lineup, then the second Creamfields North, in Cheshire, is sure to appeal. If you’d prefer a more varied lineup, and you’re in the south, then Glastonbury might be the one to aim for.


Your experience at a festival will tend to depend on who’s going with you. You might take a few close friends or family, or you might head there on your own and look at it as an opportunity to meet new people. For some people, this is a positive experience – but your results will tend to depend on your personality. If you really want to go to a particular festival, then you might look into making friends online.

Festival Checklist 2022


If you want to make it easy to find one another, and create a fun vibe for your group photos, then you might elect to dress up around a particular theme. You want your outfits to be practical as well as showy. Incorporate wellies if you’re going to be somewhere muddy, and make sure that your clothes are lightweight enough that you’re not going to be uncomfortable and sweaty all weekend.


You can expect to spend a lot on drinks at certain festivals. Cut costs by taking your own supplies, but make sure that you’re obeying the rules of the festival organisers – and common sense. Don’t get so plastered that you can’t enjoy yourself, or that you ruin the occasion for other people. While heavy drinking might seem inseparable from festival culture, the fact is that there’s such a thing as too much, and you’re not going to know where the line is until you’re over it.

Make sure you’ve taken painkillers and plenty of bottled water for killing the hangover the following morning.


In many cases, you’ll be able to rely on public transport – or you can stay in a nearby hotel. If you are driving, then you’ll want to consider a range of different weather types. Make sure that your car is equipped with the appropriate tyres; summer tyres, naturally, tend to make a great match for warm weather.


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