Festive Face Masks: Bring Some Joy to Christmas 2020

words Al Woods

Festive Face Masks

There’s no doubt that Christmas is going to be a little different this year. With government restrictions and a global pandemic in our midst, many of us haven’t been plan celebrations the way we normally would and it’s dampened the mood around the UK.

Whether you’re traveling to see your loved ones in a Christmas bubble or staying put and having a quiet Christmas, one way that will definitely lighten up the mood and bring some festive cheer into your life is by accessorising for the season. Whether you like it or not, it’s quite clear that face masks are here to stay (for the time being), so in the spirit of things, why not embrace the necessity and smile behind one of these festive, Christmas-themed face masks!

Remember – if you are on the move this season, it’s essential that you follow government guidelines in order to protect yourself and others from infection. Let’s keep the holiday spirit alive!

1. SmartCover Holiday Mask; £13.50

christmas Face Masks

SmartCover’s holiday-themed face mask is a classic winter wonder. The triple-layered, CE certified mask is stylish, reusable and has adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit for anyone!

2. Zazzle Rudolph Reindeer Cloth Mask; £12.65

christmas Face Masks

Find yourself red-nosed like our favourite little reindeer with this face mask by Zazzle. This one is bound to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Insert a disposable filter (not included) to add a layer of extra protection to the mask!

3. FaceMyMask (Etsy) Christmas Linen Mask; £17.10

designer Face Masks

With a festive ornament embroidered on one side, this layered, reusable mask by FaceMyMask is a great sophisticated festive option to buy this year! Made from linen, the mask guarantees comfort and breathability.

4. SmartCover White Mask; £13.50

xmas Face Masks

If you’ve been dreaming of a White Christmas, this SmartCover face mask for you. The minimalistic, cotton-blend mask will blend right into a frosty morning, making it perfect for this season.

5. MaskapadeGB (Etsy) LED Christmas Mask; £19.80

Festive Face Masks

For those of you looking to impress this Christmas, Maskapade’s LED mask will do just that. The fabric mask is reusable and has in-built lights to really bring some festive fun.

6. My Mask and More Black Sparkle Fashion Mask; £8.50

Festive Face Masks

For all the fashionistas out there, My Mask and More has the perfect mask to add some sparkle to your holiday attire. Wear this on top of a disposable mask and adjust the ear straps to ensure full protection.

Post-Wear Face Mask Care:

We thought we’d add in a little section about face mask care for you to read through because it’s become an increasingly important subject over the last few months! As per UK government recommendations, you should be washing your reusable masks after wearing them for a day, so if you haven’t been doing so already, please get those masks in the wash!

Many masks will be machine-washable however, some of them have specific care instructions based on the material they’re made from or if they’ve been treated with any antibacterial solutions. Therefore in order to clean the masks safely, make sure to check if the brand has any specific wash and care instructions published online (tip: it’s usually in the FAQ section!) or in the pamphlet from the box. Follow those to ensure the mask lasts!

Keep in mind that some of these face masks require additional filters and protection as they have not been certified to protect against infection. Be sure to look out for the CE certified stamp on the product packaging, if you’re looking for a mask that has been tested and follows regulations!


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