Finding The Right Laser Hair Removal Provider: The 5 Questions You Need To Ask

words Alexa Wang

If you dream of having smoother skin and saving the environment with fewer razors, you would be aware of laser hair removal treatments. There are a vast amount of clinics that provide laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is a medical-grade treatment that provides permanent hair reduction and must follow correct protocols to give clients the best results and experience.

If in doubt about the services a clinic offers, you can check their reviews and testimonials from clients or friend referrals. Here are some questions you can look out for when choosing a clinic to join:

Laser Hair Removal

Will a patch test be carried out?

To start laser treatments, you must have a patch test and consultation with your preferred clinic. The reason behind having a consultation is so the clinic can go through any questions you may have and your medical history. In some cases, if you are on a particular medication, you may be denied laser hair removal or have to wait until you finish your course of medication, or this may lead to complications with your treatment. A patch test will also help determine if the treatment is suitable for your skin and that you do not react 48 hours before starting any course of treatments or after sun exposure.

Can you have sun exposure during treatment?

Any changes to the melanin in the skin during laser treatments could lead to risks during treatments, and sun exposure can make the skin more sensitive to heat. During treatments, you should keep the areas out of the sun and use an SPF 30 + to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays. If a practice does not check this protocol, it could put your skin at risk, or the lasers may not be as effective as the latest technology on the market. The clinic you choose should provide you with pre and post-care that details the time frames between sun exposure and all other care information.

Laser Hair Removal

Who will perform the treatment?

As laser hair removal uses laser light technology, it is classified as a medical treatment and should be performed by a qualified professional. You can check that the clinic and practitioner you have treatments with have certificates available if requested. It is always a bonus if the clinic has a specialist medical team with a Doctor or Surgeon.

Which technology is used?

With years of research and developments, the leading technology for laser hair removal in 2021 is the Gentle Max Pro lasers by Syneron Candela, providing safe and effective treatments for various hair and skin types. This technology allows practices to have the option to use ND: Yag for darker skin types or Alexandrite for fair skin types compared to older technologies such as IPL or Soprano.

What are safety measures in place?

Lastly, ensure the clinic implements and follows the safety regulations required for safety, not to be substituted. The clinic should provide protective eyewear goggles to be worn during laser treatments, and a cooling system used simultaneously with the laser, fire extinguishers, and electric sockets appropriate for laser machines.


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