5 useful tips before you go from brunette to blonde

5 useful tips before you go from brunette to blonde – Alexa Wang

Looks aren’t the most important factor and no one should be judged by them. However, the truth is that appearance is a major factor in the way the others perceive you. And in many interactions, one never gets deeper than that because you can hardly make friends and open up to every person you encounter in life.

In light of this, the fact that blonde women are perceived as more attractive by default (The Guardian) is an important consideration for choosing your hair colour.

However, while going blonde can give you some advantages on the social level, you also need to understand that this matter isn’t as simple as making an appointment at a salon. Blonde hair maintenance is complicated and can be very expensive. In addition to this, not everyone can pull off that kind of look. Therefore, you need to consider many important factors before you decide whether this is the right choice for you.


Top 5 Things to Consider Before Going Blonde

1.      Bleaching will damage your hair greatly

There is no avoiding the fact that bleached hair is damaged hair. The initial procedure, in particular, will deal a huge blow to your locks. And if you don’t start an adequate repairing haircare routine right away, you might not recover from the treatment.

This means that your dream of being a beautiful blonde will sour right away because instead of stunning shiny locks you will have a rat’s nest of dull and broken tresses.

2.      Going blonde is expensive

In order to go from brunette to blonde with a minimal amount of damage and to keep your hair beautiful after the treatment, you need to spend a lot of money. First of all, it’s essential to get the treatment in a reputed salon. You need to use the services of an experienced colourist who has a lot of experience with bleaching. Preferably, you should also look for someone with specialized training and certificates to prove it.

Make sure that your colourist uses top-quality materials only, which will also increase the total cost of the treatment. Depending on your natural hair colour and the type of blonde you choose, you might need several treatments to achieve it.

3.      Being blonde is expensive

Going from brunette to blonde is not a singular large expense. Maintaining this colour is difficult and requires special care and products. At the least, you will need to invest in deep conditioning treatments. You will also need to use specialized haircare products that will prevent your bleached locks from yellowing, click here to learn more about the ones available today. The good news is that these colour-savers also help restore and protect hair damaged by bleaching. therefore, you won’t need to buy too many expensive products.

Maintaining blonde locks also requires regular colour touch-ups (every 4-6 weeks when you have a major colour change). You should also get a trim on those days as bleached hair looks better and becomes healthier when it’s trimmed regularly.

4.      Blondes need to look perfect all the time

When you are a blonde, you will definitely attract more attention. According to studies, this is genetically wired into human beings. This is a boost to self-esteem, but also a challenge because you’ll need to take extra effort to look your best all the time.

Any skin imperfection or poor makeup choice will be more visible and jarring when you are blonde. Therefore, you will also need to invest in top-quality skincare and makeup. Going without makeup might also be an issue because you will look ‘washed out’.

5.      Your makeup and wardrobe might not fit you anymore

One of the biggest issues one faces when going blonde is that your entire colour-scheme needs to be reworked. The clothes and makeup that looked good with your skin tone when you were a brunette might clash now that you’ve made such a major change.

Therefore, it’s essential that you analyze your wardrobe and makeup collection before you choose the exact colour you want to switch to. Use specialized apps in order to see how you will look as a blonde. They will help you pick a colour that will work best with what you have.

Overall, going blonde is definitely worth the effort. However, you have to know exactly how much effort and money this will take so that you go into it with your eyes wide open.


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