Tips to choosing from 3 excellent rental places in Glasgow

Tips to choosing 3 excellent rental places in Glasgow – words Al Woods

If ever there was a place in Scotland that can rightly be described as ideal, then it is Glasgow. Whether you are here to work, study or reside, Glasgow gives an unrivaled choice of renting needs that fulfill expectations. In case you have to choose three places to rent property in Glasgow, where would you choose? What factors should guide you? Here are three ideal places to consider for renting property in Glasgow.


  1. Glasgow Tollcross

Living in Glasgow Tollcross gives you the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

  • 17 mb broadband standard speed. For fiber, the speed goes up to 76mb.
  • Residency close to several high-end supermarkets and shops, including the Tollcross Leisure center.
  • Choice flats with a windowed lounge, spacious bedrooms, double glazing, electric heating, bathroom with shower, spacious storage rooms, well-fitted internal kitchens, and a large bay.
  1. Cardiff Wharf

Cardiff Wharf is found in the area between Kirkintilloch, Cadder and Lambhill. It is an ideal, wooded and very beautiful locality in Bishopbriggs town. Cardiff also happens to be historically rich, having served as a Roman Fort in ancient times. Indeed, the ruins of the Antoine Wall, closely associated with the famous Fort still lie here. This is one of Glasgow’s main attractions that would enthrall you.

How will renting in Cardiff benefit you? Here are a few of Cardiff’s exciting benefits:

  • Bus connections to Glasgow and Edinburg are easily accessible along with train service from the nearby station at Bishopbriggs.
  • You can reach the much-adored moorings through a gated pontoon. Moreover, the moorings come with electricity and water bollards.
  • Residential car-parking is available in specially built car-parks found next to the moorings. It doesn’t matter if you do not own a car because there are nearby connections to public transport facilities.
  • You will have access to the beautiful and fascinating Canal system of Scotland.
  • It is a well maintained, safe and friendly place.
  • You will enjoy living in beautiful residential moorings that offer unrivaled experience with nature. Moreover, Cardiff is located only 20 minutes away from Glasgow city center.
  • You will get a fully-furnished long-term let in an exceptional, gorgeous, semi-rural location.
  1. Botanics

Botanics is another excellent place to rent in Glasgow. If you wish to rent a home in Botanics, remember that the rent here ranges between 300 pcm and 340 pcm. Of course, this includes the mandatory council tax. Whatever you pay here as deposit equals a month’s rent. A coin-operated meter found within most apartments ensures you have adequate electricity for all needs.

It is essential to contact the property agent for room specifics that suit you. Each room varies from the other – the rooms are generally clean and tidy, complete with toilets and shower. Most are, however, units for single occupancy. The property in Botanics has great bedsits, located in an excellent, accessible place.


Glasgow is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places to live in Scotland. You readily enjoy many great amenities and services here. You can get an apartment whatever your tastes are. Budgetary limitations aren’t a factor since you have a wide range of choices. Without a doubt, Glasgow is one of the choicest places to stay in Scotland today. Consider any of these three places to rent in Glasgow.












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