Living in London: Tips and tricks

word Alexa Wang

For some people it is the ultimate dream. For others, they couldn’t think of anything worse. As the title of today’s blog post may have already given away, we are honing in on the topic of living in London.

As the media aren’t afraid of telling us, this is a hugely expensive place to reside in. On the flip side, it’s one of the most cultural in the world, and anyone who does take the plunge will experience something that no rival destination can compete with.

The expensive nature of the city means that it’s worth heading over there with a few hints and tips up your sleeve. Through today’s post, we’ll mull over these in detail, to show how you can make your move as smoothly as possible.

Not all places to live are equal

Like anywhere in the world, London has both good and bad places to live. The good are great, and probably have homes worth tens of millions. The bad meanwhile, are pretty rough, and you should be avoiding them at all costs. They are still expensive, but this time you are paying a premium for living in an utterly dodgy neighborhood.

The sheer size of London means that we’re not going to dive into which area you should be turning to. Instead, take as much time as you can, perhaps turn to Safestore in the meantime as you go through your property hunt, and make a decision when the time feels right. You might pay out huge sums on hotels during this process, but at least by the end of proceedings you are left with a home that you are completely satisfied with.

Sell your car

We don’t need to say much else on this next point. While some Londoners might own a car, the majority don’t. If you haven’t read the newspapers, traffic in this city is only getting worse. If sitting in traffic is your thing, then by all means keep your four wheels. If it isn’t, there are umpteen other ways to travel around London – and you won’t have to pay the extortionate parking and petrol prices.

(But don’t always rely on public transport)

In short, there is a time and a place for public transport. As most people know, this is a city which has one of the best networks in the world. On the flip side, there are cases where walking is quicker, and also occasions where you’ll just want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the busy underground.

London is large – but that doesn’t mean to say that you need to forget you have legs.

Always think twice before paying full price

Sure, London is expensive – you’ve probably received that message loud and clear through today’s piece. However, always think twice about paying full price for food and attractions. There are initiatives like the Taste card, and umpteen 2-4-1 offers, that mean that living in London doesn’t have to be as expensive as you’re led to believe if you think shrewdly about the matter.


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