Best 10 mattresses to buy for a person with back pain

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Sleep is an important factor that affects basically every part of our bodies; our immune system, mental health and physical wellbeing. You know that grumpy feeling you get when you miss a night of good sleep; it is merely a short-time effect of lack of sleep. When there is repeated lack of sleep; it could lead to a lot of physical and mental illnesses- including back pain.

This is why it is important to curb the reasons we don’t get the sleep we very much need- especially bad mattress. Yeah, who knows; those potholes in your mattress could be the reason for persistent back pain.

Before heading to the mattress store, here are ten mattresses we recommend for you if you have back pains or you’re simply looking to gift a friend with back pain:


AmerisleepAS3 was designed for side sleepers battling with back pain. This mattress features 3-inches of pressure-relieving Bio-Pur foam. Why is it good for side sleepers?

The mattress allows for deep compression beneath your hips and shoulders while making giving enough room for proper spinal arrangement.

Original Purple mattress

This mattress is designed using a hyper-elastic polymer. This mattress is excellent for those suffering from back pain because of its unique ability to conform to a reasonable extent, to your body curves; relieving the tension in your joints as well as your pressure points.


Actually, this was designed to help relieve athletes muscle and back pain; so they could perform optimally each day. Fortunately, this mattress could be helpful for people with back pain. This bed uses Ceiliant tech in their cover to boost your circulation and your recovery time. A ceiliant cover recycles your body heat to infrared heat in order to keep your temperature constant, and your recovery, faster.

Zoma Sport Mattress

Next on our list is the state-of-art Zoma mattress. It is a memory foam bed built in three layers and designed to prevent pain from forming in your pressure points during sleep.       


Here’s another cure to back pain. However, unlike the AmeriAS3, this mattress is more suitable for back and stomach sleepers rather than side sleepers. Just as any other Amerisleep mattress, this mattress is embedded with the Ceiliant cover which is ideal for individuals with back pain.


And of course, Saatva is one of the top mattress brands that tackle back pain; regardless of where the pain shows up. Here, you get to choose between medium firmness and firmness. Although, there’s a softer option available. What’s more is that it is super affordable! You can read Saatva mattress review to give you an idea.


In the market presently, helix is one of the most competitive and innovative bed. In the process of purchasing this mattress, you get to control everything ranging from firmness to support. And if you don’t like it, their refund policy enables you to get all your money back.

That’s not all. Helix- just like most bed-in-a-box mattress companies- offers free shipping and returns; alongside a 100-night free trial. Check out the 4 best beds-in-a-box compared

Casper Wave

Unlike most other mattresses, Casper wave is composed of 5 layers. The catching part is what the Casper Wave team named Hyper-Targeted Support System. This system involves a lot of science terms. But, in brief, the bed offers more support in the center third (where most of your weight would be) and more pressure on the top third (location of your upper body). Combined, these two conditions are ideal for fast recovery from back pain.

Wink beds

This is an innerspring mattress, that comes in three different firmness levels (softer, luxury firm and firmer). This allows you to pick one depending on your sleeping style (Side, back, stomach). It offers a whole range of other conditions ideal for people with back pain.

Loom and leaf

If you are searching for memory foam, this is one of the nicest beds you can find in the market. Although it is entirely made of foam, it is quite supportive; keeping you from feeling like you would melt into the bed. This foam is best for back sleepers and stomach sleepers, as well as combo sleepers who sleep on their sides at times. The use of heat therapy such a heating pad helps treat the backpain. Visit this site to help you find the right one for you.


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