Get your beach look right for this summer

Get your beach look right for this summer – words Alexa Wang

Summer is definitely here, and if you have a beach vacation coming up, you are probably counting down the days until you get to relax, unwind and enjoy it. Whether you are heading somewhere local or flying off to an exotic destination, you want to look and feel your best while you are away.

While there may not be enough time left to do a major overhaul like a diet or fitness plan, there are still some things you can do in advance of your trip to make sure you look and feel glowing! Here are some ideas to get yourself in your best form and get your beach look right for your upcoming summer vacation.



One of the biggest things about hitting the beach is you’ll be showing more skin than you normally would and that means you’ll feel much more confident if your skin is in radiant condition. If you are planning to wear revealing styles like a bandeau swimsuit or triangle bikini, you will find it is not just your legs and belly on display, but also shoulders, décolletage, and back that will be visible, so to make sure they look soft and beautiful. Tanning may be one of your plans on vacation, but it is safer to go for a fake tan that will make you look healthy and golden ahead of your first day on the beach. It is therefore a good idea to do an intensive exfoliation and moisturizing session with a light fake tan before your vacation begins. If you plan to build up a tan using sunscreen while you are there, the base color from the fake tan will help you feel more bronzed during the first day or two, when stepping out with ghost white skin in your bikini may feel a bit daunting! Even if you are already tan, the exfoliation process is a good one to remove dead skin and leave you looking fresh and happy.


Keeping hair in good condition can be hard in the sun, so before you go away, consider giving yours some deep conditioning keratin treatments so it looks soft and smooth and is more able to cope with the drying effects of the sun and sea. Hot oil treatments or masques can be easily done at home. You can start doing these weeks or even days ahead of your vacation, and they will make a lot of difference in how manageable your hair feels and how healthy it looks when you’re at the beach. Consider that as well as taking advance care of your hair, you should also give it some TLC during your vacation and make sure you use a protective spray before going out in the sun, and washing and conditioning it well after swimming. If you are going somewhere tropical, humidity can cause frizz, so be sure to pack a good anti-frizz serum in your luggage.


Having a good manicure always makes you feel like you are going somewhere special, but for vacations, it can be best to opt for something natural like a French polish. This is because your nails can easily become chipped during the day when swimming and sightseeing, and you don’t want to have to worry about patching up nail polish while you are using your precious vacation time. Go for a chic short style with your nails, with a pretty French polish that will be easy to maintain and look beautiful with both your beach and evening outfits.

Make Up

The make up you usually wear may not be well designed for the heat and outdoor exposure you’ll be having on vacation, so consider investing in a few extra items for your trip. Waterproof eyeliner can be a good option. We all know about waterproof mascara but for women who prefer a heavier eye make up, this can be a good addition that won’t melt off when you sweat or when you’re splashed by the water. Vacations can also be a good time to experiment with a different look, so why not go make up shopping and choose some of the pretty, shimmery styles you love but don’t know when to wear at home?

Vacations are special, and so preparing with a good overhaul of your skin, hair, nails and make up can make yours feel even more of an occasion. Try these ideas before you go away and enjoy the benefits of having a beauty plan right before your trip!

Get your beach look right for this summer – words Alexa Wang



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