Handy Gadgets to Bring on Your Outdoor Adventure

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Your Outdoor Adventure

For many years, there has been a rise in the number of men venturing out into the outdoors and labelling themselves outdoorsmen. There is no end of videos and blogs dedicated to the subject, and it has sparked somewhat of a subculture, a subculture that has permeated every reach of society.

Modern outdoorsmen have seen such a rise in popularity that whole new clothing lines and gadget lines have been created strictly to cater to them. It is unquestionably a fad that shows little signs of stopping. As a new outdoorsman, it can be difficult to know what you should bring on an outdoor adventure, which is why this guide was compiled.

Never Forget to Bring a Knife

Whenever you are venturing outdoors, always remember a knife. It can be life or death. When outdoors in the woods, you are often very far from people, and sometimes even hundreds of miles, depending on where you go and live. Whether you are attacked by an animal, find yourself caught on something, or need it to prepare food, you should always start a knife. With a knife you can start a fire, should you be staying out overnight, and with a knife, you can preserve your life and protect not only yourself and your family. Woodland can be home to many predatory creatures that can all become aggressive if stumbled across.

Night Vision Binoculars

When venturing outdoors in the dark, you must still be able to see. It can be difficult to find the right pair, but choosing the right night vision binoculars should not be overlooked. Seeing in the dark is very important if you are night hiking, and if you’re left blinded, you could be attacked, get lost, or hurt yourself.

Bring a Portable Stove Top

So many woodsmen have gone into the woods and had to return out of hunger, or never returned, succumbing to the elements after a period of starvation. A portable stovetop can assure you hot food, and should you bring enough supplies, an infinite number of days, or weeks of outdoor fun! Portable stove ups are largely inexpensive and can be picked up at most woodsman shops, and coupled with a small pan, they will not take up too much space in your bag. You can bring military powder meals and water or tinned food and preserved products. A portable stovetop may just save your life one day.

Bring a Collapsible Saw

A collapsible saw should be number three in any budding outdoorsman’s pack. A saw can be used for many different reasons, from life-threatening to just for fun. Many walkers often enjoy having a cane or stick to support themselves on and with a collapsible saw. You can also cut yourself sticks and canes to walk with from the trees around you. Pick carefully and you may end up keeping it for a lifetime! Not only that, but you can also use collapsible saws you cut down deadwood to start a fire or build a shelter, which can be the difference between starvation or succumbing to the elements and survival.

Never Forget a Compass

A compass again can be the difference between life and death. Becoming lost in dense woodland is a nightmare, and without a compass death and injury would be assured, without the divine intervention of course. A compass can lead you in the right direction and return you to civility. A compass should be always in the backpack or pocket of a budding adventurer, and he should never leave his house without one. Oftentimes many people can read the stars and find their way following them, but a compass should still be brought as security, just in case any mishaps occur, and you need a way to return. Another way to find civility without a compass is to follow a stream of water.

Outdoor Adventure tips

Bring a Map

As with a compass, you should always bring a map. The two are often combined and used successfully when travellers find themselves lost. It can be very difficult in dense woodland to find your way, so having back-ups can save your life and bring you back to the real world.

Being out on the woodland can be very dangerous, or anywhere far from civility. Oftentimes people go missing and are never to return, so you must bring all of the gadgets you can to return you safely back home to your family.

By getting the right gadgets you can potentially save yourself from a very dangerous situation. Gadgets for going outdoors can be largely inexpensive and can be very affordable if you pick the right ones from the right companies. It can be cool going outdoors and adventuring, so don’t let a lack of gadgets hold you back, go and get some today!


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