How to get a better sleep in 5 simple steps

How to get a better sleep in 5 simple steps – words Al Woods

When it comes to getting a good night’s rest, full of quality sleep, you want to have the best you can get.

Due to the high stresses which we experience in our everyday lives, for many people, getting a good night’s rest can often be difficult, and not something you are used to having regularly.

Science and research have proven time and time again that good, high quality sleep is crucial to our wellbeing. 1 in 5 adults are running sleep deprived, and this is causing problems for their health now as well as later on down the line.

Luckily, we have performed our own research and sourced 5 easy ways in which you can improve your sleep each night, and get a better night’s rest. These are factors which you may or may not have previously been aware of, which affect your sleep and so hopefully it will make you more aware of what constitutes a good night’s sleep in the future.


Make Sure Your Room is Dark

The first advice on our list is pretty simple, make sure your room is dark enough for a good, deep sleep. Many people go to bed each night and are awakened by the amount of light creeping into the room, without realizing it is the main culprit awakening them.

By using heavier curtains, or a blackout blind, you can ensure no more light will interrupt your oh so precious sleep. A sleeping mask can also be beneficial, as well as covering electronics that emit light. It really is the little things.

Get More Exercise

One of the things that is quite striking, is the effect that exercise has on our sleep quality. Those who exercise regularly are known to sleep better at night and feel a lot less sluggish during the day. Performing regular exercise is also said to improve insomnia symptoms as well as sleep apnea, by increasing the period you spend in the deeper, more restorative stages of sleep.

Cut Back on Sugary Foods

Our Diets also have a part to play in our sleep quality. If you consume a lot of sugar and refined carbs, including white rice and bread, pasta and sweet treats, then this definitely contributes to triggering wakefulness at night, pulling you right out of that deep sleep your body desires and needs.

Wind Down Before Bed

This one speaks for itself. Many people hear about this step, yet fail to ever carry it out, staying on their phones or laptop screens until their eyes close. No matter how busy or tight a schedule you have, you should definitely cut out an hour, or even half an hour before bed solely to relax.

Practicing relaxation techniques before going to sleep is a wonderful way to wind down, calm the mind and prepare for a good well-earned sleep.

This can include perhaps some breathing exercises, muscle relaxation, putting on relaxing music or soaking in a warm bubble bath.

Get a Comfier Bed

The final advice on our list is to invest in your bed. Our beds are central to the quality of sleep we will experience, and so if we do not have a good bed in place, our sleep is guaranteed to suffer.

If you can afford to, look at getting a new bed which is comfier than your current one. It is nice to change mattress every so often, and with so many fantastic beds on the market nowadays, you can be sure to find something which works. Investing in a mattress topper could also greatly improve your comfort level, and lead to a better night’s rest.

If you are keen to sleep better, then make sure to examine your current routine and see where improvements can be made.

How to get a better sleep in 5 simple steps – words Al Woods


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