Ivan Smagghe & Auchentoshan presents… Feature & Interview

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Auchentoshan presents… is a series of exciting UK creative events that aim to innovate and interact with a forward thinking audience. Some of the best known leftfield talent from across the creative spectrum are set to take part. The idea is that each event will personify the character of Auchentoshan, the single malt whisky, by taking a traditional craft or idea and injecting it with a unique, modern style and attitude.


The events are taking place across the UK between July and October and will combine a whisky tasting with creative workshops run by leading innovators from across the creative world. The events are varied and forward thinking including advice on gentleman’s grooming with a pop-up barbershop to a hidden dining experience in a secret location and how to start a classic but modern fashion label.

Advocates include modern grooming experts Murdock London, hidden dining foodies Shacklewell Nights, and D.S Dundee – menswear brand and tailors. The Manchester event will be led by Ivan Smagghe who will be delivering a classically modern DJ set with support from Will TRAMP! (Homoelectric, Warehouse Project) & The Kill ’em all DJ’s (Fabric). Ivan is a well known musical innovator and has created some genre-defying mixes for Bugged Out!, Death Disco, Fabric, and the label Kill the DJ which he founded and continues to A&R. Guests lucky enough to be invited for the whisky tastings from 4 till 6 pm will also receive an exclusive mix from Ivan. We spoke to Ivan on what we can expect from the Manchester date.

FLUX: You are well known for your genre bending sound and attitude. Have you always had this attitude to life in general?

Ivan Smagghe: Hmmm… I’m not sure how ‘genre bending’ would apply in life in general. I try to do things my way and am not very susceptible to trends if that is what you mean…

FLUX: When you were younger did you ever imagine you’d be paid to play (and create) your favourite music for other people?

Ivan Smagghe: Certainly not.. I was gonna be some kind of teacher/writer…

Is there anything out there music-wise that has blown you away recently?

Ivan Smagghe: Blown away is a very strong expression. It happens very rarely… There are albums, bands I like but blown away… In Electronic music, the Fairmont LP to come on MFR is pretty good, so is the one by Crimea X. And Kill the DJ is putting out Oliver Ho’s rockier project, THE EYES IN THE HEAT.

FLUX: Do you like to surprise and maybe confound your audience?

Ivan Smagghe: I feel happy if they are dancing to something they thought would not make them dance. Weird but danceable…

FLUX: You’re going to be playing in quite an intimate venue in Manchester. Do you prefer that setting or do you like to play to large full on club crowds?

Ivan Smagghe: No general rule even if small venues are more my thing. I have played amazing huge ones and shitty small ones.

FLUX: What experience do you have of Manchester and have you been influenced by any music from the city?

Ivan Smagghe: Bugged out at Sankey’s, The Warehouse Project… ‘North The Sound of the Dance Underground’ was the first house record that really blew me away… and I was an indie kid in the eighties so…

FLUX: Any finally can you let us know if you have any major dates, releases or remixes coming up?

Ivan Smagghe: Yes quite a few but mainly working on our IAFL (It’s A Fine Line) album…

You can hear an exclusive mix below created by Ivan for the event:

Auchentoshan Presents… Ivan Smagghe, classically modern DJ Set will take place in Common, Manchester on 9th September. For more details on events and to reserve a place visit www.auchentoshan.com / or www.facebook.com/auchentoshan


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