How to Get Glowing Skin: 5 Ultimate Tips to Achieve a Healthy Complexion

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Achieve Healthy Complexion

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Almost all women want to have skin that looks smooth, flawless, healthy, and radiant. Glowing upon glance! But how can you achieve that wonderful skin? Will you need to undergo an expensive facial treatment regularly? Or using high-end brands only as your skin care products?

Not a few women dare to pay hefty money to do treatment or purchase expensive products in order to have skin that looks extra flawless. But if you have limited funds to begin with, doing this might be a little bit hard for you.

Keep in mind that your skin does need to be taken care of properly. This is because as we age, the skin becomes thinner, weaker, and less elastic. If not treated properly from an early age, the skin will become dry, wrinkled, and dull faster. That’s why you do need to get proper face skin care. It doesn’t need to be expensive, you can do the following steps below which we have listed down to help you get healthy and glowing skin.

1.   Wash your face

Ideally you need to wash your face at least 2 times a day, in the morning and at night before going to bed to clean your face from dust, germs, pollution, and excess oil or sebum that sticks to the skin. You are advised to choose a face cleanser that is gentle and does not contain chemicals that can irritate the skin. Face cleansing soap with harsh chemicals will risk reducing the skin’s natural oils.

For those of you who are used to using makeup, it’s better to clean the makeup first with a special cleanser, because soap will be unable to clean the rest of the makeup properly. Don’t forget to wash your hands first before starting the process of washing your face. Then after finishing, dry your face by tapping gently with a soft towel.

2.   Use a moisturizer

Applying moisturizer is also important for you. This kind of treatment is done to maintain the skin’s natural moisture and prevent the skin from becoming dry and damaged. To maintain moisture and the skin’s natural texture, you can use a moisturizer with humectants, such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera extract. For those of you who have dry skin types, you can choose a moisturizer that contains dimethicone, mineral oil, petrolatum, or shea butter.

3.   Serum is a must to treat skin issues

As part of your skincare routine, you should not only use a moisturizer, but also other additional concentrating serum which contains stronger active ingredients to nourish the skin so it is more effective in dealing with skin problems, such as hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and aging.

Apart from serum, you can also use essence as part of your regular skin care regimen. The two products have the same function. It’s just that the texture of the essence is usually more liquid than serum. There are lots of various serum contents, and you should choose a serum with ingredients that suit your skin’s needs, for example, a serum for skin brightening, antiaging, or fighting acne.

4.   Don’t forget sunscreen

Many women are reluctant or keep forgetting to wear sunscreen when going out. Many people think that sunscreen only needs to be used when we are traveling to hot areas such as the beach. This way of thinking is definitely not right! You should incorporate sunscreen and other healthy skincare ingredients into your everyday skincare routine.

You should apply sunscreen, whether you spend your time indoors or outdoors. This product can protect you from the dangers of exposure to sunlight or excessive UV rays which can cause sunburn, premature skin aging, dark spots, or even skin cancer.

To optimally protect your skin from the dangers of UV rays, you can choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30. Thus, you can also use sunscreen that contains zinc oxide, titanium dioxide, iron oxide, or avobenzone which can protect your skin from damage caused by UVA and UVB exposure. If you spend more time doing activities under the sun, you should choose a sunscreen with a higher SPF level. In addition, you also need to reapply sunscreen after a few hours.

5.   Massage your face routinely

Next, you should routinely massage your face with beauty tools such as gua sha. Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing technique that involves using a tool, usually made of jade or another type of stone to massage the skin.

When used as a face massage tool, gua sha can help to improve blood circulation, reduce puffiness and promote lymphatic drainage. By utilizing gua sha, it can really help to give your skin a boost which will result in a healthy and radiant glow.

Gua sha can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with other facial skin care techniques. This is because gua sha can help your skin to better absorb the nutrients in your skincare products, which can help to improve the overall health and appearance of your skin.

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