7 notable organic beauty brands based in Canada

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Nowadays, people don’t want to use products filled with chemicals that can cause long-term damage. They are looking for plant-based skincare products that can improve the appearance of their skin.

Using natural beauty brands ensures consumers that the products will have fewer side effects compared to formulas that include harmful elements. Because we want to help you find the best organic products, we created a list of the top natural brands in Canada.

Most people don’t know that before everyone started shopping for organic beauty products, Canada already had green brands. Some of the leading Canadian beauty brands in this regard were Love Fresh, Graydon and Province Apothecary. However, today there are several natural beauty products in Canada.

In the list below, you will find organic beauty brands based in Canada that offer great products for your face, hair and body. The best part is that you can trust all the formulations are extracted from natural ingredients, plus you will be supporting local beauty products.

organic beauty brands

7 organic beauty brands based in Canada

1. Basd Body Care

Basd is perfect for someone who wants products that are organic, cruelty-free and plant-based. The founders of this brand are Ashley Meston and Phil Lebeau, whose objective is to celebrate all body types by taking care of them with formulas they are proud of. The best thing about this brand is that for each product they disclosed the full list of ingredients.

Even though it is important to have a routine for our faces, it is also vital to protect the rest of our body. Right now, Basd is offering products such as scrubs, body lotion and body wash. All of them are ideal to use during the summer when our skin is in more danger due to the sunlight. This brand also has an affordable price point that attracts a lot of people to the stores.

2. BushBalm

This is an Ottawa based brand that has an all-natural skincare line focused on the pubic area. Their products have a formulation based on oils such as Jojoba, Grapeseed and Tea Tree. Some of the merchandise on their website include scrubs, ingrow and dark spot treatments. All of them are useful for your bikini area, underarms and legs.

All these formulations will help you target the areas where you have razor burn, bumps or ingrown hair. It is recommended to apply these products right after you take a shower to have better absorption. Another great thing about this brand is that everything comes in luxurious packages at an affordable price point.

organic beauty brand

3. Bathorium

Bathorium is the ideal place to find products that will revitalize your experience when taking a bath. The founder of Bathoruim is Gregory Macdonald, who decided to create this brand after a trip to the coast of Italy, where he found an incredible apothecary in his bath. The bath soaks of this brand called C·R·U·S·H, restore and rejuvenate your skin after a long day.

We are sure that after you use Bathorium, you will want to get in the bath every night and enjoy this unique experience. When you use all their bath accessories, you won’t have to worry about any dangerous product formulations. That’s thanks to the fact that Bathorium creates soaks that are free of harsh chemicals, phthalates, and parabens.

4. Clean Beauty Collective Inc.

The Clean Beauty Collective creates products thinking about what impact they would have on their planet. This brand offers eco-conscious packaging to reduce the footprint and minimize waste. Further, as you probably guess by now, one of the main goals of the Clean Beauty Collective is sustainability.

All the fragrances that you can find on the Clean Beauty Collective website have ingredients that are cultivated with responsible harvesting practices. This brand also partners with organizations that support local economies and farming families. The owner of the Clean Beauty Collective is Eugene Melnyk. If you want to know more about him, click here.

5. Wildcraft

Wildcraft is a Toronto based brand that creates body and face products such as cleansers, serums, cleansers, and scrubs. The brand has complete control over the formulation, which means they ensure everything is cruelty-free, plant-based, and sustainable. The products offered are produced in handmade small batches and delivered in minimalist packaging.

The goal of Wildcraft is to offer luxury natural skin care products that anyone can access. If you are an amateur in the skincare field, Wildcraft is the perfect brand to build your daily routine from scratch. You will notice that this brand is one that is regularly experimenting with new ingredients and creating new formulas to improve its products.

6. Smith Farms

Thanks to all the product lines that it offers, Smith Farms is one of the best brands on this list. On your website, you can shop lip, body, and face care that contain organic ingredients including oils, butters, and extracts. Also, in none of their products, you will find synthetic fragrances or colors. The founders of Smith Farms, Julia and Becky, are committed to producing organic substances in recyclable packaging.

The brand is also involved in the whole process from the time the ingredients are harvested until they are ready for shipment. Smith Farms is an inclusive brand that thinks about the customer’s necessities. For instance, when somebody is allergic to gluten, that not only applies to the food it also limits the type of skincare they can use. Luckily, on the Smith Farms website, people with that allergic reaction can find gluten-free formulas.

7. Clarity Apothecary

Clarity Apothecary is a beauty brand based in Tofino, British Columbia. However, if you want to buy their products, you can find stores in Vancouver, Ucluelet, Whistler, and even Los Angeles. In case you don’t have a store near your home, don’t worry, you can still order on their website.

The owner of Clarity Apothecary is Claire Bond. She wanted to create a brand using as a base the relationship between special scents and healing. If you don’t know where to start because they offer several amazing products, purchase the introductory sets. This product will allow you to try their nine signature scents.


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