Simple Makeup Looks That are Perfect for Winter    

words Alexa Wang

Winter beauty trends are something to look forward to despite the endless cold of the chilly weather. Whereas light-as-air makeup is all the rage in the spring and summer, the cold weather demands an appearance that amps up the drama and feels a little more extensive, like your favorite sweater.

The winter makeup trends this year are everything; however, being dramatic doesn’t imply being predictable. Y2K-inspired shadow and Popsicle stains are some of the unusual winter beauty ideas, in addition to the standard choices, including red lips and sharp liner.

Read on for all the winter makeup ideas you could need.

Makeup Looks Winter  

Frosty interior corners

To liven up your go-to cat eye, dab a baby blue (or some other pastel color) within the inner corners. It not only makes your eyes seem brighter, but it’s also an effortless and unafraid way to wear color. Choose a darker hue variation for your liner to add even more depth.

Soft liner

2021 has been all about softer, more wing-like approaches to eye makeup. A popular variation on the trend is to switch out your traditional black liner for a warm brown. It provides a hint of warmth by being softer. For warmth and a splash of color, try using a liner with slight burgundy or purple undertones.

Shimmery golden

Even if you naturally choose cooler tones, a splash of the golden shadow is a lovely reminder of impending sunny days. The look will seem complete with a pinkish nude lip, peachy blush, and a champagne highlighter.

Rosy flush

If your cheeks usually flush whenever from the cold, highlight them with lots of pink blush to get a rosy look. Pink color with icy undertones is key to creating a genuine “cold cheek”.

Two-tone eyes

Why pick one shade if two could be twice as fabulous? To produce the impression of bigger eyes, trace the middle of your under eye and the outer third of your inner corners with your initial color. Then, add your second shade to the lid.

Purple smoke

While there’s no doubt that blue shadow is hot, this winter’s top trend is also shifting to purple tones. If you’re worried that a particular color might be too dark, apply some pearl or silver shimmer to reflect the light into your inner corners.

Kitten eyeliner

The most fashionable technique to wear liner right now is what makeup artists call the “kitten eye”—a more gentle and subtle variation of the traditional cat eye. Since they are simpler to apply and because the kitten eye needs less liner, smaller lines were beginning to become popular. The method is simple to follow, especially if you know how to apply a basic cat eye. The primary distinction is that you should start your eyeliner in the middle of your eye rather than tracing it from the inner corner. Next, draw lines together across your lash line with brief, thin strokes. At the final moment, give it a small flick to create a soft wing.


Stay in the spotlight forever, along with a few new, enjoyable ways to mix things up. Before applying your winter makeup, do remember these suggestions. Nothing has changed this year. A few beauty trends seem to have taken over social media and the catwalks, including vibrant cheek colors, daring eyes, and of course, a few glittery touches. In the middle of blowing winds and steadily lowering temperatures, it’s critical to take extra care of your skin.


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