Revitalizing aging skin

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Revitalizing aging skin

Aging is a beautiful thing in many ways: you get to grow old enjoying more of what life has to offer, indulge in the company of your loved ones, and you finally have the luxury of taking things slow and feeling grateful for every new bright day of peace.

Aging also has some definite and verifiable drawbacks. For one, it seems that just as you’re ready to relax and enjoy things, your body rebels against you. Your joints feel stiff, you’re more prone to injury, and fatigue overtakes you at the strangest moments. And, perhaps the greatest insult, you can’t hide the effects as readily. Aging takes a toll on your skin and can make you feel helpless every time you look in the mirror since you no longer recognize your reflection.

While searching for the so-called “fountain of youth” is a mirage and quite overrated, there are still ways to make you feel fresher and look younger without sacrificing the wisdom or dignity that comes with old age. Furthermore, surgical and heavily invasive treatments are a thing of the past. There are plenty of natural or non-invasive ways to look and feel better that won’t cost a ton or leave you in pain and exhausted. Here are a few ideas that will help bring that sparkle back in your eyes without breaking the bank or forsaking your sanity.


At this point, almost everyone knows that leaving the house without sunscreen is maybe the worst thing you can do to your skin. But there is a surprising number of older people who feel that it is too late for them and they don’t even bother with that step. This is a huge mistake, since protecting yourself from the wear and tear of the sun can make a huge difference to your appearance in a relatively short time.

It is also a smart preventative measure since you will feel less inclined to pursue heavier exfoliating or laser treatments in the long run—as the body’s largest organ, the skin is surprisingly resilient and can be self-healing if given the right tools to do so.

Sunscreen should be applied every half hour or so, depending on the SPF level you use, and especially if you spend a lot of time outside in the sun. A good pair of sunglasses and an old-fashioned parasol wouldn’t hurt either.

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Anti-Aging Skincare

Skin care nowadays has become remarkably sophisticated. You can walk into a drugstore and find high-end ingredients at low to mid-range price points. Depending on your skin type, there are a couple of ingredients you should look for when trying a new skin care regimen to keep your face looking well-rested and supple.

Vitamin C is a key ingredient when you want to protect your skin from free radicals and turn the clock on sun damage. It also helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Green tea is another star that has received more attention as of late for its ability to delay or erase signs of fatigue and hyperpigmentation.

Perhaps the most powerful and well-known ingredient is retinol, since it is an extremely effective skin-transforming ingredient that helps speed up skin cell turnover, boost collagen production, and even out skin tone.

Finally, if you suffer from dry skin, you must know that it tends to exacerbate fine lines since the skin is less “plump.” The best way to protect yourself from this is by using Hyaluronic acid, which holds up to one thousand times its molecular weight in water, thus infusing the skin with vital, rejuvenating moisture.

A skin care regimen that includes at least two or three of these key ingredients is bound to have a dramatic effect on your appearance.

Laser Treatments and Fancy Machinery

One great development is that the days of aggressive and obvious facelifts and other surgical treatments no longer figure into the anti-aging equation as much as they used to. Laser treatments to help remove a few lines, rejuvenate the eye area and other procedures are all the rage, and with good reason. They come with minimal drawbacks, do not necessarily require anesthesia, and the recovery time is usually reasonable if it exists at all.

There are many Instagram-worthy procedures nowadays, from the wondrous to ridiculous—vampire facial, anyone? — but there is no doubt that technology has advanced a great deal. It’s pretty easy to find the right one for yourself, too; all it takes is a quick online search. For instance, if you happen to live in Washington, you can simply look into skin treatments in Issaquah to find out which procedure works best for you. Besides laser treatments, there are procedures that utilize radiofrequency to deeply penetrate the skin, stimulating collagen production, ensuring a soft and sooth visage.

mThese options are easily and relatively affordable; thank goodness for new and efficient technology!

Chemical Peels

If you’re one of the many that exfoliate your skin using face scrubs, then stop right now. These scrubs are completely abrasive and ruin your skin over time. Furthermore, all those “microbeads” contribute to so much of the world’s pollution once they go down the drain.

Healthy, vibrant skin can be achieved with quality AHA and BHA exfoliants as they banish dullness and improve the look of wrinkles in a far gentler manner. A good chemical exfoliant or peel is not that hard to come by, and there are plenty on the market that can suit your needs. Be sure to check with your dermatologist to find out which one works best for you.

While you can’t really turn the clock back, revitalizing your skin isn’t an impossible task. With the right skin care products, regular consultations with a good dermatologist, and dedication to your skin care routine, you will find yourself aging gracefully! Knowledge is a powerful tool, so read up on the material out there, and research the best steps for your schedule and budget. And, thankfully, technology has advanced so much that there is no need to worry about undertaking Frankenstein-style facelifts at all. A few quick procedures here or there should do the trick, alongside a healthy diet and, of course, a bright demeanor.

Revitalizing aging skin


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