The Cutest Nail Designs for Springtime

words Alexa Wang

nail art

Nail designs for spring can range from creating flowers and fruits to playing with a fun array of colors, the possibilities are almost endless.  You don’t have to break the bank a lot on this specially curated list of nail art.  As you read the suggestions, keep in mind the usual springtime colors:  pink, purple, yellow, peach, and soft green.

Whole Hand Pastel Ombre

If you have several lacquers in shades of the same color, you can use each one on each nail to display a fabulous, eye-catching gradient.  In the event you only have four colors ranging from light to dark, use white or black to finish the set.

When you don’t have colors that grade between shades, but you do have at least five different pastels, paint each finger a different color in the span of a rainbow. 

Simple Flowers

There are a myriad of ways to create simple flowers on your nails.  But the following method only requires a toothpick or dotting tool and two colors of nail polish.

  1. Paint your nails a pastel pink, purple, blue or green.
  2. With toothpick, dip it into another color that pops off, like white or yellow.  Place little dots in a circle next to each other; the dots are the petals and the circle of dots is the flower. 
  3. Use yet another color, like green, to make a dot in the center of the petals. 
  4. Drag a line of green from between two petals from the bottom of the flower for the stem.
  5. Add horizontal wavy lines from the stem for leaves.

Rainbow French

A fun variation of the traditional French Manicure is creating a rainbow.  You don’t have to use pastels; you can use typical rainbow colors.  Find a nice, translucent base with which to paint your nails.  Apply your French Manicure guides and paint each nail with each color.

Split Colors

Sport two colors on each nail, indicated by a split down the center.  Use nail tape, manicure guides or regular tape to create this bi-color effect. 

  1. Paint all nails the lighter of the two with two coats and allow it to dry.
  2. Place tape down the center of each nail.
  3. Paint one side with the other color.  You can alternate the colors or have them go in the same direction.
  4. Put decorative nail art tape over the polish line or use gemstones to cover any mistakes or smudges.

Cherry Accent

Create cute cherries to accent your French manicure or as a single accent nail.  You can do this with red and green gemstones, acrylic paint or nail polish.  Make a flat-bottomed heart-like shape with a red color and create a stem with green (leaves are optional).

Gorgeous Springtime Nails

So many beautiful nail ideas to reflect this burgeoning part of the year and so little time to try them all.  Allow your creativity to flow and create a nail art masterpiece.  Always finish your manicure off with a quality top coat.


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