How to Get the Most Lingerie for Your Money

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For some people, it is shoes; for others, it’s jewelry. But if there is one type of fashion you just can’t get enough of, it has got to be lingerie.

Lingerie comes in so many styles that it makes sense to have a plethora of lingerie sets. You need enough undergarments to keep you confident and cozy around the house, but you also need bras and panties for a variety of different outfits and occasions. The only problem, it seems, is that lingerie rarely comes cheap.

Whether you are just starting your lingerie collection or you are looking for tips to help you sate your lingerie lust without breaking the bank, here are some tricks for finding affordable lingerie that still looks luxurious.

Know Your Perfect Fit

The fastest and easiest way to waste money is by buying the same exact same lingerie in four different sizes. Online shopping is fun and convenient, but if you aren’t certain of your size, you can easily overspend on different fits you won’t ever wear. The same goes for shopping in person; if you keep buying lingerie that doesn’t hug your body the right way — and never returning that lingerie — you will blow your lingerie budget month after month.

Most lingerie stores will happily help you get your body’s measurements. For lingerie, you need to know your bust, waist and hips, but it also helps to know the size of your underbust and your high- and low-hips, especially if you are ordering couture or custom undergarments. It doesn’t hurt to get your measurements taken every year or so; everyone’s body changes over time.

Care Correctly for Your Lingerie

Another way to waste money buying too much lingerie is to ruin your lingerie with improper care. Like other clothing, your lingerie needs to be kept clean, but improper washing can cause problems like faded colors, stretched fabric, torn lace and more.

While some simple lingerie pieces might fare fine in the washer, you should always hang your underthings up to dry. For more delicate lingerie, you should commit to handwashing. Fortunately, this process shouldn’t take especially long; you can even cut down the time by scheduling a monthly lingerie wash and cleaning all your pieces together at once.

Invest in Inexpensive Workhorses

Technically, you are going to wear lingerie every day. To keep your expensive lingerie in good condition for special occasions, you should invest in some comfortable bras and underwear that are inexpensive and easy to find. There are plenty of cheap and cute lingerie sets available that look great under your everyday outfits; it doesn’t hurt to have at least a week’s worth of these in your wardrobe, so you won’t run out of them before your next laundry day. Then, when you want to dress up, your fancy lingerie will be ready for you.

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Stock up During Seasonal Sales

Just like kitchen appliances and cars, lingerie tends to follow a predictable sales pattern. At the beginning of the year, lingerie shops like to turnover their stock to invest in items that will adhere to upcoming trends, so you can find plenty of pretty pieces on major discount come January and February. While you shouldn’t necessarily prevent yourself from picking up must-have lingerie throughout the year, you might want to reserve your shopping spree for just after the New Year, when prices will be lowest.

Look Into Lingerie Loyalty Programs

Some lingerie stores offer loyalty programs, in which committed customers can get access to unique deals. Some stores require you to use a membership card or number whenever you make a purchase, and more and more stores have their own apps for you to shop through on your mobile device of choice. If you have a favorite lingerie store, you might ask them about loyalty plans you could join, or you might try to find a lingerie store you like that has a well-known membership program.

You can enjoy your lingerie habit and a healthy bank account — if you are careful with how you handle your lingerie. The above tips should keep you in lingerie for years to come.


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