How To Get Your Life Back On Track And Achieve Better Health (The Right Way)

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If you are someone looking to turn your fitness goals into real-life accomplishments, you have come to the right place. As much as trending diets and new weight loss schemes might seem appealing, they will often offer a lack of nutrition and often not give long-term results. 

Hence, it is best to stick with tried and tested fitness and lifestyle advice in order to achieve your goals. On that note, here are all of the tips you need to get your life back on track and achieve better health in 2022.

Achieve Better Health

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Seek fitness help from an expert

Although there is an abundance of fitness advice, classes, and tips online, sometimes it is much more effective and motivating to get live help from an expert. An in-person personal trainer and fitness coach can give you tailored advice, which will suit your lifestyle, current needs, and future goals. 

Using a trained professional, such as Andy Griffiths at Expert PT, will enable you to fast track your transformation and attain the results that you have long desired. 

Whether your goal is to bulk up, lose body fat, or improve your cardiovascular health, an expert will know the right steps to get you there. Sometimes following free online advice and classes can help, but they might not help you attain your goal in the same way a personal trainer/fitness coach can. 

Exercise daily

On the topic of exercise, it helps to exercise daily. This doesn’t mean partaking in a 60 minute HIIT workout or weightlifting session every day. Simply getting in 20 to 30 minutes of walking or gentle yoga/stretching can be enough to hit your daily fitness goal. 

It is important to get a certain amount of movement in every day, which is easily achievable if you set just half an hour aside to walk, head to the gym, or stretch on your mat. Some days you might want to get sweaty or lift heavyweights. On other days, you might feel the need to take it slow and stretch your body out. It is a good idea to listen to what your body needs so that you don’t burn out. Burnout can lead to becoming demotivated and unenergised to move and work out. 

Hence, give your body what it needs each day and only move as much as you feel motivated to. Slow and steady progress is better than none and changing up your workout and movements might encourage you to keep on track with your fitness routine.

Swap out the junk food for healthier alternatives

Although it is good to treat ourselves from time to time – to delicious treats and meals out – it is important not to do it all of the time. Junk food is often high in unhealthy fats, which can contribute to poor health. Or, it might hinder your health goals. 

It is a good idea to swap out junk food for healthier alternatives so that you can still consume delicious food and it does not impact your progress and overall health. 

For example, instead of consuming a burger with fries, a bun, cheese, and excessive amounts of sauce, you can swap out the bun for a lettuce alternative and substitute the fries for a salad. Small changes in your everyday diet can make a huge difference to your energy levels and help you achieve your health goals quicker. 

Sleep better

Not everyone can fall to sleep easily. Nor can everyone fall to sleep and stay asleep. It is important to get around 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Although some people can manage with less and some people need more sleep, 7 to 8 hours is the average. 

But, how do you get more sleep and feel better rested?

The answer is routine. Making time to wind down and achieve a healthier sleeping pattern go hand-in-hand. If you lie in bed on your phone until you plan to go to sleep, you will likely find it difficult to switch off. Therefore, putting your phone down at least an hour before you want to sleep will help your mind wind down and attain a state of calm, which will improve the likelihood of you falling to sleep. 

Setting a time to sleep every night will also help, as a routine will encourage your brain and body to shut down at a certain time. Likewise, setting an alarm so that you achieve the right amount of hours for you will ensure that you are well-rested. 

The more rest you get, the more energetic you feel. This will encourage you to maintain a healthier diet and partake in your daily exercise. 

Take time for you

Speaking of downtime, it is so important to take time for yourself when you are trying to get your life back on track and achieve better health. Mental health is just as important as physical health. Therefore, making time to improve your mental health will help you find balance and maintain your energy and confidence. 

Some ideas for taking time for you include:

  • Hobbies. If you are someone who has a hobby and finds yourself winding down when you do it, then make time for it. Whether it be reading, knitting, yoga, or playing a game, using your time to enjoy the hobby will improve your overall happiness. 
  • Treat yourself. Downtime is a great opportunity to treat yourself. Hence, use your free time to do something or get something that you wouldn’t always treat yourself to. Should you have followed your diet and fitness plan all week, then you could treat yourself to a yummy meal. Or, you could reward yourself in any way that you will find pleasure. 

Small things can make a huge difference to your mental health. Therefore, making time for you will ensure that you can maintain a positive attitude, which will encourage you to stay on track with your healthier lifestyle. You will feel more confident and relaxed, yet energetic, which will play a huge part in the improvement of your physical and mental health.


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