Holidaying in a remote area: How to make it work – words Alexa Wang

Sometimes it’s best to have a holiday that’s more of a break from the normal than a regular trip to a hotel complex or an urban area and by that I mean going remote or rural!

There are plenty of choices of remote destinations and ways to get there from hiking and cycling to climbing or off-roading in a 4×4. Whatever the choice of alternative destination and holiday type there are a few things that you should be aware of to make the trip work. 

remote areaMake Sure Someone Back Home Knows Your Route & Schedule

Any time you are venturing off the beaten track it’s important to leave note of where you are expected to be and when you are supposed to be at each location, this will not only give a record of where you might be if you go missing or are delayed but gives someone back home a way of knowing when you might be able to be contacted. You can even share your journey online and in real time, showing your progress as you go so that anyone can track your progress. 

Have Appropriate Equipment For The Terrain & Weather

It is of the utmost importance that you are properly equipped to deal with the trip that you are about to undertake and this can mean proper footwear, staying dry and avoiding blisters is of paramount importance and clothing that is suited to the weather, if it’s hot or you are going to be very active you should ensure that clothing is light and breathable and if it’s cold and wet you will need to make absolutely sure that you are warm enough but also still breathable and your clothing does not retain moisture which can be deadly, one golden rule is to avoid cotton as a material as it will soak up sweat and can help hypothermia set in. 

adventure holidayIf Using A Motor-Home Have It Properly Equipped

You are going to be spending a lot of time in the vehicle if you are touring around in a motorhome and so you will want it to be as well equipped and as comfortable as possible. Make sure it has good bedding and furniture is in good order, you will want to test things like gas and electricity supplies before heading off and even check things like windows and doors and anything else like if you use an RV vent fan to stay cool make sure this works before you go. 

Be Qualified In The Appropriate Techniques Or Hire A Guide

If you are embarking on any rural adventure then ensure that you are skilled enough to lead such an expedition. If you are not or have any concerns in this department then it’s best to take on any extra training required or look into hiring a guide or even a tour company to take care of this for you as safety is one thing you cannot be taking for granted.

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