What the Numbers Say: 8 Key Online Dating Facts in Recent Years

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Online dating has been around almost as long as the internet itself. As the world has become smaller with the growth of technology, people have been able to expand their dating pools by reaching out to possible partners online. 

As online dating continues to increase in popularity, dating apps must continue to get creative with their approach to matching people. Dating websites and apps have evolved a lot over the years and have grown with the dating preferences and behaviors of their customers. 

Each generation dates differently and it is important to stay up to date with the way that online dating has worked in recent years. Below is a list of eight key online dating facts that will help you better navigate the world of dating on the internet. 

Online Dating Is Increasing in Popularity

With the use of smartphones and the many months locked up during the pandemic, many people, both young and old, have downloaded at least one dating app in the last few years. It has become increasingly harder to find a soulmate out in the real world and people know what they are getting with online apps.

A dating app allows a person to see a summary of a potential date with photos and information like height, religion, age, and where they went to school. This initial information eliminates the awkwardness of a first date and allows for some conversation starters when and if the two decide to meet up in person. 

Most Users Like Profiles That Provide Interesting Information 

One of the great developments in dating apps in recent years is the ability to provide information to matches in a fun and diverse way. The beauty of creating an online dating profile is that you can create an overall picture of yourself and make yourself stand out above the rest. 

The different prompts that these dating apps provide let you tell stories about yourself and give likely matches an insight into your personality. The more interesting information that you share about yourself, the more likely you will seem exciting to potential matches. 

The least interesting profiles are those that only have a few photos and just basic information like age and height. A good profile should have photos that showcase your lifestyle, answers to fun prompts that also reveal some of your likes or dislikes, and a link to your Instagram or Spotify account. People are more likely to swipe yes to you if they can browse your music taste or go through your Instagram to get a sense of what you are like.

Online Dating Is For Everyone

When online dating started to come on the scene in the 1990s, everyone thought it was a kind of last resort for people who couldn’t find love any other way. It was stigmatized or laughed at, but now, no matter how old you are or who you prefer to date, there is a dating app for you. 

Certain apps and websites like eHarmony and PlentyofFish cater to an older crowd. Those who are divorcees or widows can find a second chance at love on these long-standing platforms. On the other hand, young people are more drawn to apps like Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. 

Dating apps are also a haven for people in the LGB community as they can safely communicate with others like them and find a partner. It has been said that LGB singles have greater success meeting a partner online because they are able to find community on dating apps like Tinder, Hinge, and Grindr and arrange safe dates. These apps also allow for meaningful conversation between members of the LGB community even if they don’t live close to each other. People in small towns or rural communities can make connections with people like them and find apartments for life.   

Many Dating Apps Offer Paid Subscriptions

These paid subscriptions are great options for people who are really invested in finding a life partner. They allow members to get matched based on a thorough compatibility evaluation, which creates genuine matches faster. If you are looking for meaningful matches without all of the scrolling, this is the choice for you.

Voice Prompts on Dating Apps Are Rising in Popularity

With the rising concern of catfishing, dating app users were seeking a new way to get to know the people that they met online before actually meeting them in person. Many dating apps have started using new features like identity verification and personalized questions to help users be more confident in who they are speaking to. These approaches have decreased the number of catfishers, but the newest addition of voice prompts has really helped people get to know each other.

Voice prompts can be selected when creating a dating profile and can make a person’s profile more appealing to prospective partners. Apps like Hinge ask you to choose a prompt like, “Tell your best travel story” or “Talk about your secret talent”. With these prompts, your possible matches can hear your voice and get a better understanding of who you are before meeting you in person. 

Online Dating is Now The Number One Way To Meet Someone

Because we are on our smartphones all of the time, it is no surprise that dating apps are the most popular way to find a soulmate. Swiping right or left on potential matches is a similar action to scrolling on social media and younger generations find it easier than going out to bars or meeting someone at work.

Online Dating Apps Are Not Only Used For Romantic Partners

Many dating apps have expanded their services past just finding a romantic partner. Now people can download apps like Bumble and switch to “friend mode” or “business mode”. Friend mode is a great way to link up with people if you have just moved to a new city and business mode helps find people in your area with whom to network. 

Most People On Dating Apps Are Looking For A Long-Term Relationship

The people who use these apps and websites the most are those who are really invested in finding a long-term relationship. Because of this, it is good to establish your dating goals on your profile so that if you are only looking for something casual, people do not get led astray. 

Key Online Dating Facts

Online dating can be daunting at the beginning but can be a fun way to explore the dating pool in your area or around the world. 



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