How to find the right kids’ starter guitar

How to find the right kids’ starter guitar – words Al Woods

Are you in search of a musical companion for your kids? Is your child making the first steps into the world of music? Are guitars what fascinate your kids? Then you are on the right page, as we strum through a range of kids’ starter guitars.

Launched in the year 2011, Loog Guitar conceived the idea of and a passion for wonderful musical experience for children backed by guitar designs committed to quality and safety standards. Most of the guitar companies offer children’s guitars as replicas of standard models and do not give the real experience of strumming and tuning. This is where Loog comes in.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of kids’ music and the best guitars for budding musicians

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Getting down to learning and acing those strums and chords are made easier withLoog’s range of three string guitars. This makes it easier for children to catch hold of frets, hand transitions, combinations and move on effortlessly to a six string model.

What makes Loog’sKids’ starter guitars all the more appealing is that they come with flashcards and an application. In this way, kids can learn side by side with adequate guidance. The application features video lessons and a digital songbook to play to the tunes of Hollywood and big-time musicians, making learning fun.

Kids’ starter guitar collection:

  • Loog Mini for Ages 3+: It is said that learning an instrument is not only psychologically therapeutic for adults but even helps to strengthen children’s gross motor skills. Loog brings to the fore, an amazing collection of kids’ starter guitar for beginners as young as 3 years.

The classic nylon 3 string instrument is the perfect gift to our budding rockstars. Carved out of real wood, this guitar is endowed with the perfect intonation and low string actions for fun yet safe learning. It is available in several playful and vibrant colours such as red, green, black, white, yellow and pink.

  • Loog Pro Acoustic for Ages 8+: Thinking of making young ones take up guitar or enrolling them into a music class? Loog’s Pro acoustic guitar is the perfect companion for children aged 8 and above.

With an award-winning design, this beauty comes with a sleek 3 string neck and producing the perfect intonation.

The solid wood body has a low string action for the perfect strum and tune. Acquiring sound playing skills is made easier through the flashcards, chord diagrams and the Loog mobile application.

According to a bunch of happy and satisfied customers, these eighteen fretfully assembled guitar is surely the best buy. It comes in black colour with a maple neck.

  • Loog Pro Electric for ages 8+: Are your children diehard fans of bands strumming out power packed tunes? Go ahead and buy them the Pro electric guitar and turn them into next “Guns n Roses”.

It is perfect for children aged 8 and above who have just started to venture into the world of electric music. The beautiful body, designed by a long line of educators does not require an amplifier, although it can be plugged into one just like any other electric guitar.

The perfectly intonated strings are closer to each other on the fretboard, for a comfortable experience, making Pro Electric comparatively easier to play than an acoustic guitar. The 18 fretfully assembled guitar comes with 3 strings and is available in many vibrant colours like lucite, green, black, yellow, red, white and pink.  It is accompanied by an ios and android mobile application, flashcards and chord diagrams.

  • Loog Paul Frank: As the name goes, this collection is designed by the iconic cartoonist Paul Frank himself. There can be nothing more engaging and fun than a spunky and attractive instrument, and Loog’s Paul Frank guitar collection is one such. The enticing designs are available across several guitar models such as the Mini collection and the acoustic and pro electric collections. Get a pronounced effect of becoming a guitar player, by starting off on a musically funky note.

Accessories and other accompaniments:

Fine-tune your children’s first steps into the marvellous world of music, with Loog’s guitar accessories and other essential accompaniments.

Give your toddlers a feel of guitarist by accompanying their mini collection with an attractive backpack, a wall hanger, mini guitar strings, a tuner, straps and strands.

Complement the pro collection with mini amplifiers, electric and acoustic guitar strings and slim leather straps.

One can also purchase several books, cool T-shirts and avail benefits of gift cards on Loog’s official website.

So, step into the community of Loog, when the guitar’s on your mind. It is best to tune in children to take up instrument learning, especially guitars at an early age. Loog understands this and gives your kids not just kids’ starter guitars, but a head starts into the perfect experience of playing one.

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