From Leicester to the Falklands – a Christmas tale

From Leicester to the Falklands – a Christmas tale – words Alexa Wang

I can’t imagine what it’s like being a soldier a long way from home at Christmas. Many will get the chance to come home but it’s the nature of the job that many will have to stay at their posts – sometimes thousands of miles away from their families.

It must be just as heart rending for the family and friends of service people who are often far away back in the UK longing to be with their loved one at this time.

In the short film we see a mum baking a Christmas pudding for someone. We then see a courier collect the dessert from her house in Leicester. The courier is from Ecolog who handle logistics and deliveries for the army – making sure they have the equipment they need (and more). The pud is flown via plane to the Falkland Islands. We see it delivered to a young soldier. We then get to see him eating the pudding whilst his mum watches on via his open laptop. He salutes his mum’s cooking.

This is a holiday message from Ecolog designed to celebrate the joy of the season with the employees and clients across the globe. Ecolog provide services for governments across the globe suppling water, machinery, manpower and construction, catering and logistics in countries around the world.


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