Lambrini Girls sneering reply to ‘White Van’ man with latest single

words Al Woods

White Van. Yeah I know what it brings to mind and all those negative connotations. I’ve met some White Van men though who were actually alright but still – the connotations. As a man though I’ve never been hounded by leering men in one. Well The Lambrini Girls (fantastic name by the way) have been harassed in such a way and their latest single entitled ‘White Van’ is a heartfelt message to these low-lives with its thrashing chords and seething lyrics.

Lambrini girls White Van
Photo credit: Bridie Florence

“A satirical take on catcalling, the story of being followed around in a white van. We’re taught, systemically, that it’s our sole responsibility to prevent our harassment. ‘What were you wearing?’ or ‘You shouldn’t have walked home by yourself’, implies your body in a public place is considered public property. If you do not modify your behavior in everyday life to protect yourself, then it’s your fault entirely. Instead of blaming us, maybe we should point the finger at Terry with his dick out behind the wheel and the system that has enabled his behavior for years.”

So if any unreconstructed male knucklehead happens to be reading this Lambrini Girls have a message for you:

“Rolling down the windows of your Ford Transit and screaming ‘fucking beautiful’ won’t make anyone rip their clothes off and give you head behind a Kwik Fit. Do better, love Lambrini Girls” 

The three-piece announce their debut EP You’re Welcome that’ll be released 19th May 2023 via Big Scary Monsters –  a collection of songs to empower those who have ever made to feel invalidated and overlooked.

Containing previous single ‘Help Me I’m Gay’ which Phoebe used to come out to her mum, as well as ‘White Van’, other tracks include ‘Boys In The Band’ that’s about calling out abusers in the scene, and ‘Terf Wars’ which is pretty simple – Transphobia has no place in feminism. ‘Mr Lovebomb’ looks at altering behaviour in relationships, and ‘Lads lads lads’ is about toxic masculinity.

Never ones to take themselves too seriously, Lambrini Girls had this to say about the forthcoming release,  “Ghost written by Matt Hancock, ‘You’re Welcome’ was considered to be one of the worst EPs ever released and declared a biohazard. Rediscovered by Lambrini Girls whilst bathing in their swamp, the EP can now be exchanged for discounted massage coupons and a selection of cured meats.”

They add, “Medical waste aside, if someone out there has made you feel like a flaming pile of shit, then we hope this EP empowers you to absolutely fucking send it.”

Debut EP You’re Welcome is out 19th May 2023 via Big Scary Monsters

Tour Dates

05/02 Independent Venue Week, The Windmill, London
10/02 Grauzone Festival, The Hague – NL
14/02 The Lexington (w/ Panic Shack), London
04/03 Kazimier Stockroom (w/ Piss Kitti), Liverpool
21/04 Printemps de Bourges, Bourges – FR
22/04 Badlands, Gent – BE
05/05 Les Aralunaires, Arlon – BE
12/05 The Great Escape, Brighton
27/05 Levitation, Angers – FR
31/05 The Lexington, London
13/06 Heartbreakers, Southampton
14/06 Rough Trade, Bristol
15/06 Yes Basement, Manchester
16/06 The Hug & Pint, Glasgow
17/06 Ferocious – Alternative Pride, Leeds
18/06 Norwich Arts Center, Norwich
06/07 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham
16/07 Dour Festival, Dour – BE
19/08 Cabaret Vert, Charleville Mezieres – FR

you're welcome ep
EP Artwork

You’re Welcome EP
Out 19th May 2023 via Big Scary Monsters


1. Boys In The Band
2. Terf Wars
3. Mr Lovebomb
4. Lads Lads Lads
5. Help Me I’m Gay
6. White Van
7. Fuck Myself (Live)
8. Big Dick Energy (Live)


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