Luxury Rental Travel: Planes, Trains, Yachts & More

Travel is something that everyone should take the time to experience and revel in. To get the most out of any travel experience, you really need to embrace true luxury. Getting to where you’re going is one thing, but truly enjoying the journey is another entirely! If you want to do both, these are the exclusive, luxury modes of travel and ways to rent that you need to try out for yourself.

Rental Travel? What’s That?

It may not always be practical — even if you live in the luxury sphere — to own all the modes of transport you love most. Thankfully, some rental companies and agencies can help you out with that! Whether you’re looking for a private jet charter to get you across an ocean or a home to stay in when you arrive, you can find one for rent.

Why Should Avid Travelers Choose Rental?

The incredible variety open to you as a rental traveler will astound you. Instead of having only one option — the one you own — you have many different choices across all luxury rental spheres. Don’t like the bathroom in home number one? Go for home number five. Feel like going off-road on this journey but don’t have a 4×4? You can rent one!

Rental Travel tips

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If you’re traveling somewhere out of state or overseas, the fastest choice will always be to go by plane. Just because it’s the quickest choice doesn’t mean it has to be without charm! Arranging to rent a private jet charter is — by far — the best way to experience air travel. The benefits are many and obvious. Flying by private plane means setting your own schedule and avoiding wasting time standing in line at a commercial airport. Indulge in the best foods and a glass of crisp, cold champagne as you reach cruising height and move around the cabin as you please. Plus, the cabin is only shared with your family and friends.

Choosing a private plane instead of a commercial one means you arrive at your destination rested and refreshed instead of tired and a little grubby — who could resist?


If you like self-contained revel and being able to be your own driver and navigator, consider renting a luxury campervan. Get away from the hustle and bustle but still afford yourself the luxuries of a five-star hotel room by renting out a luxury campervan. Wake up to birdsong and the crackling of a campfire (for aesthetic and cozy value only, because you’ll have a stove inside), but far more safe and well-rested than you would be if you chose to camp.

Luxury Rental Yachts

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Long-distance travel by rail was once a premier option for discerning travelers who liked to move from place to place in style. In the golden age of travel, every steam train had a first-class sleeper car furnished with warm, glowing lamps and feather duvets. The club and dining cars had well-stocked bars, linen place settings, and delicious meals available morning, noon, and night. These days, though options are fewer, there are still some train adventures that understand the art of creating luxury travel.

The Orient Express is one of the longest-running trains in the world and has always been known as one of the most luxurious first-class train experiences. On this train trip, you can travel from Paris across Europe through Strasbourg, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, and Bucharest before arriving in Istanbul. The theatrical decor harkens back to the 20s and 30s, and the level of comfort is just sublime.

The Rocky Mountaineer in the USA gives travelers a unique view of the picturesque Rocky Mountains and the chance to savor some delicious food and drinks from the comfort of your first-class cabin. Choose between Western Canada and the Colorado mountains. All the travel takes place during daylight, so you won’t miss a minute of the stunning scenery.


Yacht travel is often more about the experience of being on board a luxury vessel than the places you’ll be traveling to. But the fact that you’re living in a mobile-first-class hotel makes it all the more special! Chartering a luxury yacht allows you to experience different locations and the best of the best in food, drinks, and first-class accommodation.

The Eternal Spark is a unique experience, aesthetically speaking, and has abundant space for you and your guests to enjoy. The impressive selection of water toys onboard will keep you entertained while the sun is shining, and when it sets, you and as many as 11 guests can dine on five-star meals. If you’re feeling a bit flat from traveling, take advantage of the onboard health and beauty center, soak in the on-deck jacuzzi, or take in a movie at the theater.

Motor yacht Amantis gives guests plenty of chances to enjoy each other’s company with social dining options. The interior styling of this yacht is flawless, and the six cabins can accommodate up to 12 charter guests. Enjoy the solitude of the study, party into the night in the onboard beach club, and soak your worries away in the jacuzzi when you’re done.

Luxury Rental Travel

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Taking a road trip is fun, but taking a luxury road trip in a luxury car is even better! If you like to travel solo or with one or two friends, a road trip is the way to go. If you’re lucky enough to own a luxury vehicle, you’re all set. If you don’t, there are a few vehicles that you could rent to ensure your road trip is superior to all the ones you’ve ever had before.

Taking a trip in the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT means it’ll just be you and one special passenger. This noble car is a great choice for navigating small and winding roads — and the heated, contoured seats mean you’ll be cozy and comfortable even if you’re traveling in a winter wonderland. If you’re on a long, straight haul, you can open this car up and experience its incredible speed.

If you prefer a vehicle that’s a little more robust and substantial in form, try out the Bentley Continental GT. Summer travel is a breeze with these cooled seats — prepare to experience true road trip relaxation! You can customize the high-res touch screen in the dash to your liking for entertainment and important information. If you’re traveling as a family or need extra legroom, there’s plenty of space in the back.

Travel in Style

Traveling by any of these luxurious, comfortable means will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime and the desire to repeat the experience as soon as possible! Which will you try first?


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