How to make your truck look like new

words Alexa Wang

The majority of truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road travelling across the country. It is then very easy for their vehicle to look old and worn quite quickly.

Truck drivers are known to have pride in their vehicles and some have some really elaborate designs (as it’s like a second home to them). Refreshing the look of the vehicle can not only lift the morale of the driver but can also add value to it. Here are some tips as to how to make your truck look like it is brand new.



The wheels on a truck make a big difference to its look however can be very costly therefore shopping around is important.  The truck rims can be of many different designs or material but alloy seems the most attractive and gives that professional quality look.  If your current wheels are old and work then investing in a new set of alloy wheels could be a good buy to bring a level of attraction to your truck.  Travelling a lot can make these look worn quickly therefore cleaning them regularly will give then that gleaming look.

Inside Cleaning

If you are someone that doesn’t really spend the time cleaning inside your vehicle then you should consider allowing someone else to do it for you on a regular basis.  This could be someone local or at motorway stations and stops there are many different options.  Spending a lot of time in your truck can make the interior look old and dirty and if you are thinking about selling this on, who would buy a truck with a messy interior?  You can do simple things yourself by ensuring you don’t accumulate litter and mess and that the glove compartment is not used as a trash can.  Cleaning the interior of the windows regularly also helps give that extra newish feeling to your truck.

Floor mats

Unless you are driving your truck with no shoes on, your floor mats will get worn and muddy pretty quickly.  If the weather outside is especially bad then you will no doubt bring some of that with you when entering your vehicle (whether it be mud, leaves or dirt).  You can vacuum and clean your floor mats regularly however these are not particularly expensive items, as such it may actually be better just to purchase new ones.  These can be purchased online for some reasonable rates.

Repair Damage

No-one likes the image of their vehicle with dents and scratches on it.  These are caused in a number of ways which can include careless driving or even just opening your door and it touching another vehicle or wall.  It is crucial that if you want to keep your truck looking new that these are dealt with.  Touch ups can be done yourself by purchasing the correct colour or paint.  This is not a difficult task and makes all the difference in terms of the look of your vehicle.




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