Keep Calm & Ride On: Meet the 4 Calmest Horse Breeds

words Alexa Wang

Horses are known for their temperament and fight or flight instinct, and they have always been associated with power, strength, stamina, and raw energy. However, riding such “beasts” can easily get you on the ground with a broken ankle or leg, so maybe a more peaceful breed would be a better option overall.

There are several beautiful horse breeds, calm, gentle, and soft, especially suitable for children and younger adults who have never been on one. In the text below, we’ll discuss some extraordinary calm and peaceful yet beautiful horse breeds. 

Calmest Horse Breeds

The “dalmatian” 

This horse breed is known under the name the Appaloosa, and due to its interesting pigmentation resembles dalmatians. It goes back to the Northwest of the Americas, as it was bred by Indian tribes in the region. The horse has exceptional stamina and has been used by the tribes, actually the warriors, for hunting buffalo. The beautiful coat with little dots all over its body makes it extraordinarily stunning and has been an exceptional companion of every owner. 

If you are looking for a training horse for your kids, the Appaloosa is the perfect match, due to its calm nature and patience. They have a lot of character and are uniquely versatile.

One thing to remember is- the breed has been used originally for hunting, meaning it has speed and agility, therefore when looking for an Appaloosa go for the breed known for its character and calming nature. 

Miniature horses 

Miniature horses are a broad name and include several breeds of horses under 150 cm in height. People often refer to them as ponies and there has been some debate on whether it is accurate to call them such, or are there some distinguishable differences. Ponies and tiny horses, on the other hand, are renowned as horses that are ideal for teaching youngsters to ride because of their gentle temperament, lack of hostility, and tranquil and relaxing demeanor. These horses are more than capable of carrying the weight of a few children on their back, as they do share some characteristics of their full-sized counterparts and are similar in looks as well. Unfortunately, some small horses have cases of dwarfism making them too small, the smallest known case is only 44 cm in height, and due to their fragile physique, they are not suitable for riding. Also, dwarfs have health issues and are prone to different diseases. Except for these specimens, most miniature horses are the final result of selective breeding over the years and are generally known as show or entertainment horses for display. They will instantly win-win you over, and though small, has the heart of a giant. 

Known breeds include the Noma Pony, the Shetland Pony, and the Guoxia. As said before, people differentiate miniature horses from ponies, though they all are under the category of small horses. 

Quarter Horse 

Its full name is American Quarter Horse and has a distinguishable and well-known look. This horse has the looks and the temperament to win over any heart. The Quarter Horse has been known as the loyal companion of cowboys of the west, making sure their owners are set for days. They are loyal, versatile and do now show signs of aggression, rather than calmness and patience. These horses are very well known for being perfect as training horses, even though they are bred for racing and have excellent speed. Yet, their nature allows strangers to hop on their back and go for a ride, as they are more than welcoming to anyone eager to learn. 

Horse Breeds for kids

The Fjord 

Known as the Norwegian Fjord, the horse breed is calming, patient, loving, and highly intelligent. It truly stands out due to its beautiful looks, elegant and sophisticated yet brute muscle force, and outstanding physic. They are very well acquainted with harsh conditions and have the power of a horse as the breed originally has been bred to carry cargo, more specifically to carry wagons and people around. It has stability and a certain stance, making it appealing to most people. It has the energy for a training horse, especially for the ones still learning, however, it is not a big fan of the pressure and can show resistance. 

There are some other breeds worth mentioning, like the Connemara or Morgan Horse, and a few others known for their peaceful nature and patience. Generally, whatever breed you pick, you will not be mistaken as almost all of them are more than willing to train and show a lack of aggression or eagerness to fight. For children exclusively, we do recommend some ponies and miniature horses and for adults afraid of height, the last pick on our list might be the best option. 


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