10 Most Popular Desserts In The UK

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Most Popular Desserts

As you probably already know the UK is a home for dessert lovers, that’s known for their love of desserts, and when it comes to satisfying sweet cravings, they don’t run out of excuses. Whether it’s homemade brownies, classic sponge cakes, or one of the great English puddings, we cannot get enough of these sweet treats.

There is no doubt that the UK is a nation of dessert lovers, regardless of whether they have a sweet tooth or not. In the Scottish Highlands as well as on the Cornish Coast, Brits are always up for eating something sweet – whether it’s a scone in the middle of the afternoon or a little bit of pudding at the end of a meal that has already been very indulgent.

But, how do we know what desserts are the most popular in the UK? Well, here we have summarized the top 10 most popular desserts in the UK that will surely melt in your mouth. Whether it could be a cheesecake, tart, or ice cream, there is something for everyone! 

1. Brownies 

Brownies are the most popular dessert in the UK, especially postal brownies which have been covered in a variety of flavors in one box. The brownies are versatile, easy to make, and can be customized with any number of different toppings. They are also relatively inexpensive, making them a favorite among many people.

2. Banoffee Pie

A beautifully flavored dessert that boasts a rich combination of bananas, caramel, biscuits, and cream, it’s no wonder Banoffee pie continues to be a firm favorite. You can make this dessert quickly and easily for a party or special occasion, and it makes an impressive dinner table centerpiece.

3. Bread pudding

Typical ingredients in this wholesome delight include slices of buttered bread topped with semolina custard, raisins, vanilla, cinnamon, and nutmeg added to it for added flavor, and then baked until golden brown in the oven. During the baking process, cinnamon and cloves are also added for extra flavor.

4. Red velvet cake

A decadent sponge cake has received a sweet love affair from the British population in recent years, both due to the moist, ruby-red sponge outside and the light, chocolate flavor inside. And, of course, don’t forget about the luscious cream cheese filling that tops the cake off. 

5. Lemon Cake with Drizzle

Like the Victoria sponge cake, lemon drizzle cake is one of the most popular British desserts and a staple among English afternoon tea lovers. It is made of butter, sugar, flour, eggs, milk, and baking powder and is similar in texture to vanilla sponge cake.

6. Cheesecake 

A cheesecake is one of the most popular desserts in the world, and it is easy to see why it is regarded as one of the crème de la crème desserts. Cheesecake has come up through the ranks because of its mouth-watering variety; whether you are craving a classic New York, baked, burnt, or topped with chocolate, cheesecake will always be a hit with everyone.

7. Apple Crumble 

In many European countries, apple pie is a staple, but in the United Kingdom, it is all about the crumble. Even though these come in many different shapes and forms and include different seasonal fruits, the apple is still the most commonly used ingredient in making the humble crumble. The British have more than 2,500 varieties of apples, making them the most diverse fruit in the world.

8. Carrot Cake

As we already know, carrot cakes are one of the most desirable desserts in the UK which can be prepared with minimal ingredients. This timeless dessert is very good in both taste and presentation. The cake can be decorated with icing, nuts, and dried fruits. It can also be served with ice cream or whipped cream. Carrot cake is a versatile dessert that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

9. Treacle Tart

As with most British desserts, several variations can be found, with a few of the variations replacing the ground almonds with breadcrumbs, while others may include a generous amount of custard. The tart is traditionally served warm with a generous amount of custard, a dash of cream, or a scoop of ice cream.

10. Arctic Roll

Ice cream is a classic frozen dessert that kids and adults alike will enjoy! It is extremely easy to make and our step-by-step recipe guide will show you exactly how to do it. Both kids and adults will love it! There are three irresistible components to our Arctic roll: sponge cake, vanilla ice cream, and homemade strawberry jam, all of which are irresistible together.


So, these are the top 10 most popular desserts in the UK that will make anyone feel happy. You can even prepare these desserts easily at home with minimal effort and a variety of toppings and other additions of your choice. So, let’s make it done and try to give some new experiments with each dish to make it presentable and exciting for everyone.


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