Why Do You Need a Liner for Your Truck?

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Truck liner

When you’re the owner of a truck, your first instinct is to protect it so that you can enjoy its brand new look for a long time. So, what can you do to protect your investment?

To keep your truck in mint condition longer, it needs an upgrade, that is, protecting the truck bed with a bed liner. You may have heard about it from friends, or seen articles about it online. If you need more convincing, here are some reasons why your truck needs a bed liner.

What is a truck bed liner?

A bed liner is a material or product that protects the inner side of the truck bed. Aside from protecting the truck bed from damage, the bed liner creates a non-slip surface that prevents cargo from sliding or rolling around the truck bed.

Reasons why you need a bed liner

Any type of truck bed liner provides the protection you need for your truck.

  • It can protect your cargo. With the bed liner’s non-skid surface, it reduces the movement of the items you are hauling. Even when you’re traveling over a rough road, your cargo will not slide around. The bed liner also acts as a shock absorber that can reduce vibrations, providing your cargo additional protection.
  • A bed liner protects the bed of your truck. Since the back of your truck is open, it is exposed to the elements, so weather damage can occur at any time. The bed liner protects the bed from UV rays. The truck bed is made of metal, and while it may have a coat of paint, it is not adequate to protect the surface. If scratches, scrapes, and dents cause the paint to peel, dirt, sand and other debris can collect beneath the paint layer. Water may also seep through, which can create corrosion and mold buildup.
  • It extends the life of the vehicle, especially if you use a spray-on bed liner, which can be repaired. Moreover, you enhance the curbside appeal of your truck.

Types of truck bed liner

Truck bed liners come in different types. You have the truck bed mat, truck bed rug, and the drop-in liner. Further, you have the spray-in or spray-on bed liner.

·         Truck bed mat/rug. The truck bed mat, which is made of rubber, fits the floor surface of the truck bed. It does not protect the truck bed’s inner walls. It fits the configuration of the different truck models. The other is the truck bed rug, which resembles a carpet. It is similar to the truck bed mat.

·         Drop-in liner. The drop-in liner is made of tough plastic. It is a molded shell that fits the bed of the truck, custom-made to fit its configuration. Bolts are used to keep the drop-in liner in place. It can be removed from the truck if needed. These bed liners are lower in price and can provide adequate protection, although their life span is shorter.

·         Spray-on liner. Most truck owners prefer truck bed liner spray. Since this is in liquid form, and made from a combination of materials, the spray-in bed liner provides superior adherence, permanence, non-skid texture, and excellent coverage. It provides maximum protection. The material is waterproof and lasts for a long time. However, it is costlier than the other types.

Do not neglect the bed of your truck. Choose the most suitable truck bed liner based on your need and your budget.


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