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Helping A Loved One Find Their Way Through Immigration – Flux Magazine

Helping A Loved One Find Their Way Through Immigration

words Al Woods

Moving abroad has consistently been on the rise for the several past years. The data might show 2020 as the exception to that rule, for obvious reasons, but a lot of people are travelling much more freedom to pursue the opportunities they find.

If you have a friend, loved one, or partner, who is moving to your country and looking to immigrate, you may be able to help there. Here are some of the ways you can make it happen.


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Be their liaison on the other side

Hopefully, your loved one or friend will be able to find the opportunity for immigration on their own, be it an employment opportunity or otherwise. However, when it comes to the logistics of moving overseas, then having you as their assistant on the other side of the border can help. You can work with them to check out any accommodation locations they might be looking at, for instance, and make sure that any offers they are getting are backed up in real life since they can’t see as much remotely.

Building the skills necessary

A lot of countries have moved to or are moving to a points-based immigration system that will allow easier entry for skilled workers, compared to low skilled workers. Their ability to find good employment and contribute to the public services with their taxes could play a large role in whether or not an individual is permitted entry to a country in the first place. As such, you can recommend skill-building services like Udemy online courses to help your loved one get some accreditations and qualifications that can help them find employment if they don’t already have an arrangement set up.

Help them get the legal help they need

Immigrating is more than just a logistical process, of course. It’s also a legal one. Your loved one may need help in not only applying for a Visa but in appealing it should it initially get turned away, too. For that reason, you can help them get in touch with organizations like IAS immigration. The right lawyer can make sure that their case is represented to the very best of their ability, heightening their chances of being allowed to immigrate with all of the paperwork that they need.

Help them acclimate

A happy move abroad is more about simply going through the legal and official processes of immigration, however. It’s also about being able to find your feet on the other side and to settle into a comfortable everyday life. Culture shock and homesickness are common experiences, but you can help you loved one or friend get through it by helping them acclimate to their surroundings. Make sure they don’t feel alone, take them sightseeing, and encourage them to spend more time around their new environment to get used to it.

Immigration can be a tricky process and it’s not a guarantee for anyone. However, with the tips above, you can lend your friend a helping hand in making it through.


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