It’s the Perfect Time To Join A Wine Club

words Alexa Wang

If you enjoy a nice bottle of Penticton wine once a week, or any other great tasting wine for that matter, you should definitely consider joining a wine club.

While you may be thinking, “aren’t those wine clubs just for rich people who have huge cellars and purchase wine by the case?,” the answer is a resounding NO.

You may live in a smaller place sans wine cellar and think that there’s no reason for you to join a wine club, but there are several benefits to joining one that you should definitely be aware of.

First, even at one bottle of Penticton wine a week, how many trips to the liquor store do you make in order to purchase those 52 bottles a year? Even if you grab two bottles at a time, that’s over 25 trips just to keep your stash stocked.

Even before the current pandemic, wine clubs have been touted as a great way for wine lovers of all degrees to be able to stay stocked and have good wine on hand ready whenever needed or desired. No matter the size of your home or your overall monthly budget for your Penticton wine, we ant to share a few reasons why it’s the perfect time to join a wine club.

Join Wine Club

It’s a Time Saver

Joining a wine club means that you’ll almost always have your favorite selections on hand without ever having to make a special trip to grab more. If guests show up unexpectedly, there’s no scrambling to the liquor store to pick up an extra bottle or two. An extra bottle consumed on Friday doesn’t always require a restock run on Saturday and whenever you’re ready to relax with a nice glass of Penticton wine, it’s there waiting for you.

Let’s face it, in this age of COVID-19, the less we have to expose ourselves in public, the better. Since wine clubs deliver your selections directly to your door, you cut down on exposure, travel time, and even fuel expenses.

It Gives Your Stash Time to “Rest”

Yes, even wine gets “jet lag.” All too often you hear stories from folks that returned from a wine tasting trip, opened a bottle of one of the ones they loved, and were disappointed that it didn’t taste exactly the same as they remembered. The reason for this is that wine actually can go into a sort of “travel shock,” meaning that after traveling through 3 airports, 5 miles of parking lots, and two time zones, your wine basically feels just as good as you do. When you receive your favorite wine via a wine club, you will have a small stockpile that is rested and ready for the perfect glass of Penticton wine whenever you choose.

Join Wine Club

You Can Enjoy Special Benefits

In addition to having your favorite wine delivered right to your door, there are quite a few wine clubs that offer some great benefits. Whether they offer special discounts or something as great as exclusive wines that are only available to club members. Furthermore, a lot of them offer extra perks to club members that visit them in person, usually a special tour or free tastings for your group. Even if you’re not in the area or planning to travel there, some of the clubs sponsor special dinners and meetups for their members in other cities.

There’s Plenty of Options

Looking for a membership that ensures you have just a little extra Penticton wine on hand without a long-term commitment? Prefer to just have 6 bottles a year as a membership requirement? You’re in luck. While some wine clubs have strict commitment requirements, many have very few.

Those that require a minimum purchase generally require between 6 and 12 bottles per year.

It’s a Gift that Keeps on Giving

We can all use something to brighten our day once in a while and a wine club membership lets you enjoy the thrill of opening that box of wine because most of the time, it’s not just your new bottle of Penticton wine that you’ll receive. A lot of the wine clubs include information about the wine and in-depth tasting notes while others include recipes and hand-written thank you notes.

It Supports Your Favorite Winery

Even if you live across the country, if you visited the Penticton wine country and fell in love with a particular winery, you can directly support them with a wine club membership. This means that you’ll be supporting the people who actually make it instead of the big chain liquor store down the street from you. Wine clubs are the most profitable sales channel for a winery.

Think of it this way, that Merlot costs $25 at the supermarket or liquor store as well as directly from the winery, but when you purchase directly from the winery, they will receive a higher percentage of that $25. In the age of the ongoing pandemic, many of the on-site shops at the wineries are not able to accommodate the number of visitors they were able to in the past. Wine club memberships can be a saving grace, especially for some of the smaller wineries.

You Always Have the Wine You Know & Love

How many times have you stopped off to grab a bottle of your favorite wine, only to discover that the store is sold out? So, in frustration and a thirst needing quenched, you opt for a different brand only to get home and discover that you don’t like it… at all.

This actually seems to be happening more and more frequently lately and with the growing popularity of Penticton wines, it may not change anytime soon. That simply isn’t a problem when you join a wine club. When you find a wine that you know makes wines that perfectly suits the foods you often eat often or is the perfect cap to a long week, there’s a really good chance that you’ll love receiving their wines regularly.


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