Popular Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss After the Pandemic Lockdown

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post lockdown travel

The pandemic has left a lot of people stuck in the confines of their own homes and delaying any plans of traveling any sooner. If there is one thing the lockdown has done, it is the realization that there are places you ought to be at which you have not considered before.

Such is the longing for adventure and travel that you should already list down places you will definitely see first after all this. There are popular attractions that you should be seeing when the normal, as you know it, resumes and you can go about with your normal day to day activities. You should be planning to travel and explore places you have not paid attention to before.

National Parks

Many experts have been saying that the new normal after the pandemic would be so different than before. There would be a call for a lot of precautionary measures when going out in public including wearing masks. Stifling our breathing as a new norm could lead a lot of people craving for a whiff of fresh air and refreshing surroundings. This is when you come to realize that there are still places in the world where you can enjoy and spend time as freely as you can. Different national parks around the world sit on thousands of acres of land that you wouldn’t even have to bump into anyone. Take the Yellowstone National Park in Idaho for example, it is the first national park in the US and has a rich wilderness atop a volcanic spot. It features different rivers, surrounded by forests and canyons. The same is with the Grand Canyon, you can come here a couple of times and still miss out on a lot of places to visit. If you like wildlife, the national parks of Galapagos, Serengeti, the Great Barrier Reef and so many others around the world are waiting for you. These are places that you can fully explore with the least number of interactions with other people.

Local Museums and Art Galleries

One of the places often overlooked by people are the local Museums and art galleries anywhere around the world. Often only visited as part of school tours and tourist packages, being able to visit them on our accord after the pandemic is actually a great goal to have. Since a lot of people have been bringing out a lot of history content where people have gone through a similar problem, it is actually nice to visit these places and look at the remnants from the past. These museums are must-see places you should go to at least once in your lifetime. The largest museum in the Western Hemisphere can be found in the city of New York, the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  It houses a lot of pieces from Europe to Egypt. The largest one in Britain is the British Museum which holds many archaeological and ethnographic pieces that you would even find on the Rosetta stone in here. If you prefer Medieval and Renaissance art, going to the Vatican Museums is the best thing you can do to witness the works of great painters like Michelangelo and Raphael. Wherever you are, you ought to go to your own local museum first and learn about the rich culture of your locality.

post lockdown travel

Amusement Parks 

There are places made for entertainment and recreation and you shouldn’t miss especially if you live in areas built just for this. One of the most popular coastal resort towns like this in the US, Atlantic City, is located in New Jersey. Most of the attractions in the city where amusement parks can be seen are on the long stretches of Boardwalk and Jersey Shore. The popular Disneyland Parks are all around the world including Paris, Hongkong, and Japan, with each having their signature features. One of the best amusements in Europe is the Pleasure Beach in the United Kingdom. If you are looking for some of the best rides, you can check out the Tivoli Gardens in Denmark or the Fuji-Q Highland near the base of Mt. Fuji. These are some adventures that you and your family can enjoy after the pandemic.

The pandemic has caused a realization of the places that you ought to visit. Living in confinement and stalling the everyday routine earned people the right to explore the world and discover new places. After all, this is over, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to travel and discover new places that can provide fun and recovery to the aching need for adventure. 


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