5 Qualities That Embody a Good Nurse

words Alexa Wang

Nurses are in high demand, significantly, as the population increases and people become increasingly more aware of the importance of their health. Because of this, there are many nursing careers that people can pursue. However, not all nursing opportunities are equal.

As anyone in the nursing field can tell you, there is a significant difference between good and average nurses. While some of these qualities may seem obvious to those who have worked alongside a good nurse, they bear repeating because they are essential to a promising nursing career.

Good Nurse

Medical Conferences

Attending medical conferences Coat Connect is one of the best ways to learn about new treatments and research being developed in the medical field. Attending these conferences lets you absorb as much information as possible and helps you know about the people behind this research. Meeting with these researchers and learning new techniques can show your patients you understand everything going on with their care. Being a nurse demands that you have a solid knowledge base. You must know about the human body and all the systems that make it work. You need to be able to understand the medical tests that are being done, as well as any medications being given. The more information you have, the better off you will be.

5 Qualities That Embody a Good Nurse

1. Good Communication Skills

One of the most important skills you can have as a nurse is practical communication skills. Being able to talk with people is one thing, but talking with people in such a way that they will listen and understand is quite another area. Good communication skills are essential when it comes to being a good nurse. Understanding your patient’s needs and experience is significant, but it is only one aspect of nursing. Being able to communicate well with other healthcare professionals as well will further your career as a nurse.

2. Showing Patients that You care

Being a nurse is about more than just giving the correct medications and following a treatment plan. Being a good nurse means showing your patients you care about them and want them to improve. It means showing that you are invested in their lives, not just their medical problems. Good nurses know how to build rapport with their patients, making them feel comfortable enough to talk about any concerns they might have or any issues they are having while they are under medical care. Patient safety is always number one on the list of good nurses. Being a good nurse means ensuring people are safe in your care. You have to ensure that they are being given the correct medication, that they are being taken care of properly, and that they understand what you have told them.

3. Patience

As any nurse will tell you, nursing is a waiting game. No matter how many tests or procedures you have done or how much care and attention you offer to your patients, sometimes the outcome still needs to be put in your hands. It can be incredibly frustrating at times to wait for test results and other diagnoses to be able to give your patient the help they need. Good nurses understand this frustration and accept that it is a part of the job. They assume that things are sometimes out of their control despite their best efforts. Nothing is worse than helping a patient who needs your full attention and suddenly gets another call that pulls you away from their bedside. However, a good nurse knows how to handle this situation with patience. They know how to help their patient more efficiently, helping them feel better so that they don’t need as much care.

4. Understanding the Profession

Many people need to realize all that is involved with being a nurse to enter the nursing field. It takes a lot of studying, memorization, and practice to get where you need to be as an RN (Registered Nurse). It is essential to understand that nursing can be physically challenging. It requires long shifts and constant attention, and your breaks are not guaranteed. Good nurses know this and understand how difficult it can be at times.

5. Maintain a Positive Attitude

Being a nurse takes work. Sometimes, for whatever reason, patients will not get better. Sometimes things in your patient’s life will go awry, and all you can do is offer them your support and friendship. As a nurse, it is essential to maintain a positive attitude. Being positive can help you stay strong when things seem bleak, and it will encourage the same response in your patients when they feel the most hopeless.

Nurses are in high demand, and one can take many nursing careers. However, not all nursing opportunities are equal. A good nurse must communicate with the patient and provide proper care. Showing you care is an important quality that differentiates an average nurse from a good nurse.


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