How Can Hashtag Printer Be Used in Social Media Campaigns? 

words Al Woods

Want to take your social media engagement to next level? One of the easiest, cost-effective ways to do so is by setting up a photo booth with a hashtag printer. The printer is connected to a photo booth software that detects relevant hashtags and prints out the picture uploaded across social media platforms. Sounds interesting? Let’s dive into how to use the hashtag printer for marketing.

Hashtag Printer

Easy to set up and install 

If you have an event coming and need a printer temporarily, it is best to go for hashtag printer rental and get set with the fun photo session part. The printers are easy to use and come with a quick setup tool that makes them ready in 15 minutes. It is one of the best ways to create user-generated content and help with promotions via hashtag campaigns.

Here’s how one can use a hashtag printer for social media engagement

Hashtag printing is a show-stealer at every event. It has helped many corporate events, brands, businesses, exhibitions etc. to take social media by storm.

Take a picture on a smartphone and get prints instantly ready 

The ease at which it creates engagement for the attendees makes the hashtag printer worthy of its set-up in a photo booth. Attendees just need to take a picture on their smartphone and post it with the relevant hashtag. The software in sync with the printer detects the hashtag and prints out a polaroid in seconds. With a span of 9 to 10 seconds, guests take home a high-quality polaroid as a souvenir from the event.

User-generated content on social media 

The user-generated content is the one which is created by customers or guests that drives the engagement for a brand. The higher the number of user-generated content, the more the branding and marketing for the business. A hashtag printer booth is indeed one of the easiest ways to create user-generated content. The idea of taking photos and carrying the photographs home entices people to share content which drives better social media engagement.

Hashtag campaigns 

Hashtags are powerful and help people look for information or content online or on social media platforms. With the increasing number of event hashtags and shares on social media using the hashtag, it automatically promotes an event. The campaigns indeed help in creating content that has the potential to go viral.

Networking and conversation starter 

Although this does not directly drive social media engagement, but photo booths are places for a great conversation starter. People love taking photos and hence it is the best place for people to connect, talk, take a group picture and share on social media. Whether it is a corporate event or a private event like a festival or wedding, it is a visual treat for everyone and grabs the centre stage.

Customisable prints to take home 

One of the best parts of using hashtag printers is printing fun and unique social media framed polaroids and photos. The prints can be customised by adding the name of the event, brand, hashtag etc. which increases awareness. Hash Printers are an easy addition but give the attendees a small gift to carry in exchange for uploading pictures with hashtags. Hence, it is an effective strategy to help with social media exposure.

If you are organizing an event or celebrating a party, do not forget to add some fun elements by installing a photo booth with hashtag printers, and some fun props, and enticing attendees into taking pictures. Just with such printing tools, many brands and businesses have been able to gain huge visibility through social media engagement.


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