10 Means Of Upgrading & Updating Your Brand’s Tech Capabilities

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Upgrade Your Brand

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Markets are always moving and developing, as are the brands that nurture them, as is the technology used to make that happen. It’s true to say that if you haven’t adopted at least some form of technological implementation, be that simply hosting your own website for ordering convenience, you’re behind the curve and more easily outcompeted by brands willing to leverage these tools.

That much is obvious. However, it’s also true to say that upgrading and updating your technological needs for the future, as reinvestment of your profit, can be harder to plan for. Sure, we sometimes see stark changes such as how many firms moved from local storage options to cloud storage within the span of around five years; but what are the most modern and essential brand upgrades you may require in 2022 and beyond?

Well, it’s worth considering all of the potential avenues even if you’re not planning to integrate each and every one going forward. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve that by using ten examples for providing that broader view. With that in mind, please consider:

Updating Your Online Support Capabilities

It’s important to update your online support capabilities to the degree that you can, because more and more our clients and customers hope for an immediate solution to the questions they have. Sure, you may not have people working around the clock to provide an answer directly late at night, but upgrading your support systems doesn’t necessarily mean achieving the impossible.

For instance, an excellent AI chatbot, integrated as part of your website and updated with frequently asked questions can provide immediate responses within an appropriate and nuanced reply chain. This means that most of the starter questions your users will have can refer to informational resources you’ve already created, replete with information. However, if all questions are exhausted, you may then choose to have the AI chatbot offer sending a message or booking a return phone call for when your staff are able to focus on that. This is a win-win from both sides, and allows your client to feel that their time has been respected.

Structuring Your In-House Network

It’s essential to consider how your in-house network will be installed, but it’s hard to do that without the proper formatting for doing so. Installing essential cabling routes in your offices to reach every network component, and taking the time to check out network cabinets solutions at DataWorld will also make a big difference.

On top of that, scheduling ventilated space for server room installations can help you curate at least some of your intra-network internally, allowing you to ensure that extra backup methodologies have been considered ahead of time.

Accommodating Remote Working Requirements

While many employees are starting to return to their offices, it’s important to note that remote work has still remained popular even after most lockdowns during the pandemic have now been lifted. 

By providing your staff with devices (even cheap Chromebooks can work depending on the scope of the productivity attended to by your staff), you can make certain that secure log-ins via VPNs, access to the workflow of your business, and the video conferencing capabilities are possible no matter where your employee may be!

Reformatting Your Social Media Pages

It’s good to refocus on your social media pages, to update them for the modern mindset. This means ensuring all of your graphic design and banners are properly formatted and sized so all of the essential information is curated first and foremost. It also means becoming adept at uploading to apps like TikTok and securing the overall mindset of each app as you plan your social media strategy – there’s a reason that social media marketing is a full time job role for many companies.

Reformatting your social media pages is more than just a visual goal, however, as by levying measures such as the Twitter direct messaging feature, you can make sure your customers are always able to reach someone via your support network discussed above. More often than not, this gives you the chance to better interface with a wider group of people than if you had only curated your website. Some people only use social media when online, and will perform Google searches or visit your website only when they need to.

Restructuring Your Cybersecurity Policies

Cybersecurity is essential to consider, especially now that threats are becoming more sophisticated year on year. This is why Biden implemented his executive order in 2022 that determined any brand working with the federal government or with any of its departments must undergo a stringent compliance process to ensure the security of their wider systems.

We won’t need much prompting to integrate that wisdom into our own service, however, because a great idea is a great idea. Working with IT managed services for regular cybersecurity updates, training staff to avoid social engineering, and updating your VPN connections where appropriate can help you stay secure and protected against revolving threats.

Integrating Fully With The Cloud

The cloud may have been considered a novel idea at one point, but now, it’s an essential element of conducting business and unifying teams. It may be that you still have some archives that have yet to be digitized, or perhaps your HDD storage network is becoming older and more expensive to maintain. 

Bringing in a cloud specialist can help you ensure that all areas of your network are carefully maintained and secured and that each user has the appropriate access they need going forward. Sometimes, futureproofing is as good a strategy as any.

Consider Your Self-Checkout Or Point-Of-Sale Systems

Convenience and automation isn’t a bad thing. This is why many customer or client-facing businesses are focused on integrating service panels that allow for self-checkout or booking where appropriate.

This might be as simple as integrating digital check-in and check-out fixtures for your hotel, or implementing a ticketing system for first-come-first-serve appointments. Even automated premises like car parking spaces are using these to show availability ahead of time.

Optimize Your Website For SEO

With rich content, competent landing pages, the appropriate use of keywords, and updating articles for relevance, you may be able to elevate your Google search rankings which means that you’ll be able to attract organic traffic to your brand and raise your platform’s authenticity.

Using SEO services you may even be able to gain high-quality backlinks and SEO provisions that go past the norm. With enhanced copywriting, you’ll be able to wrap this in an even more distinctive package.

Upgrade Your Broadband Package

Upgrading your broadband package and it’s modern features is an essential element from time to time, with superfast fibre broadband providing excellent connection speeds, both upload and download, you’ll never have to worry about your staff’s time being wasted, because every digital access need they have will be provided within seconds.

Consider Your Working Equipment

Technology is not always digital, and so sometimes considering the technologies used to interface with our productivity all day is a good idea. Considering your working equipment, by integrating blue light filters on each screen, investing in standing desks and ergonomic chairs designed to move with the user can help your staff feel happier, more comfortable,a nd more productive on an hourly and daily basis.

From here, small upgrades like updating the office printer or considering if faxes are still necessary can be a good path forward.

With this advice, you’re certain to upgrade and update your brand’s tech capabilities.


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