Travelling to Newcastle: Everything You Need to Know

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Newcastle is a famous city located in the North of England, well known for its nightlife, universities, affordability, and friendly locals. Aside from all the partying and nightlife that the city has to offer, there are also some great attractions, and plenty for the whole family to see and do.

Travelling to Newcastle

Popular things to do in Newcastle

Tyne Bridge – The iconic Tyne Bridge, which has come to represent Newcastle and play a significant role in the identity of the city, will be familiar to everyone who has seen the Great North Run on tv. Built by the same company that constructed the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge,  the Tyne Bridge has come one of the famous landmarks in the city and is a must-see on your visit. All seven bridges that cross the River Tyne within one mile of the city centre are all visible along the Quayside.

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The Angle of The North – Whilst many drive past this iconic landmark on their way into the city, the Angel of the North is one of the most popular attractions in the city. Created by Antony Gormley, it is thought to have been a symbol of guarding the valley below with outstretched arms. The sculpture is 20 metres tall, and its wingspan is 54 metres from tip to tip. There were three key objectives were set by Gormley for the sculpture: To honour the sacrifice made by the 200-year-old miners who worked beneath the location of the statue, to show the change from an industrial workforce to the modern age, and as a public display of art.

Quayside Sunday market – If you are visiting for a weekend, why not head to Newcastle’s Quayside for the Sunday market. It’s a great place to get anything you would need for the coming week, from local crafts to a street food brunch from one of the delicious food trucks. There are many vendors to shop at, and it can be a great place to find a unique present for a loved one. With an upbeat atmosphere and gentle buzz in the air,  you are able to browse the stalls in peace as the road is blocked by traffic.  You will be able to find the market on the Newcastle side of the river, between the Swing Bridge and the Gateshead Millennium Bridge, which is open from 9.30 a.m. to 4 pm every Sunday.

Newcastle transport

Newcastle can be easily reached from almost every city or town across the UK – due to its extensive rail links, bus routes, and parking options. Travelling by train is often the quickest, and least damaging to the environment, and we recommend booking your tickets in advance as much as possible as routes often are busy and may become fully booked.


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