3 Ways To Get Creative With Your Business Marketing Exploits

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usiness Marketing Exploits

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Marketing should be about catching people’s attention and making people aware of your business. Unfortunately, you might be guilty of plodding through the same boring steps that everyone else follows. You’re using similar marketing techniques to your rivals, so how can you expect to stand out?

Instead, you need to free your creativity! Do something that makes people stop and take notice of your company. Lots of possibilities exist, but here are three ways to get creative with your marketing exploits: 

Professional videos

People respond better to videos than any other form of media. Videos capture the attention of consumers and get them hooked. If you have a good video with good video production, you can captivate audiences across the country. Create something masterful that encourages your audience to carry on watching. The best adverts will live long in someone’s memory and encourage them to learn more about your business. 

Don’t make the video really corny and overly commercial. Focus on making a work of art that also promotes your business and highlights why people should come to you. This will help you stand out!

Guerilla marketing

Guerilla marketing is a special tactic where you take an unconventional approach to marketing. The idea is that you use existing things within society as the backbone of your advertising exploits, or you create more meaningful interactions. The video below showcases a lot of different examples of guerilla marketing that are extremely effective: 

You’ll notice that a lot of these ideas involve taking existing structures – like a manhole cover – and turning them into an advert. In the video, a coffee company turns a manhole cover into a steaming cup of coffee – genius. Things like this are designed to attract attention from members of the public, possibly causing them to go viral on social media. In turn, you can get millions of eyes on your business in the most creative way possible!

Augmented reality

AR is all about blurring the lines between virtual reality and actual reality. Many companies are starting to use augmented reality in their marketing campaigns to really great effect. 

A great example of this is Home Depot, which released an app that allows users to scan their rooms and see what the rooms would look like in different colours. As a result, they could then pick the colour they liked the most without worrying about it not looking nice. Ideas like this are brilliant as you use technology to make your business stand out. Think about how you can create an AR experience for your target market. 

Being creative is the key to standing out in a very saturated market. If you keep doing the same boring marketing techniques, you’ll struggle to find new customers. The three ideas above should be the beginning of your creative journey. Don’t just adopt them; think about other ways that your business can use innovation to reach a wider audience.


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