5 small details that will transform your suit

5 small details that will transform your suit – words Alexa Wang

So, the time has come to don your best suit again, and you’re looking and feeling undeniably stylish, yet you can’t help but feel that something is missing.

There’s no doubt that you’ve remembered all of the main elements of your look, but it can be easy to forget the smaller details. And, we all know that the little things can have the biggest impact.

So, if you think that your suit needs a little something extra, read on to find our top five ideas for transforming your suit.

Pick a statement pair of shoes

accessories© Zara

Once you’ve secured yourself a sleek suit, it can be tempting to minimise the amount of statement pieces and accessories you team with it. But, any good suit will be versatile enough for the wearer to do just that. So, if your suit is relatively plain, don’t be afraid to find other ways of getting people’s attention. And, what better way to do it, than with a pair of standout shoes?

While dress shoes look smart and stylish, and might be necessary for some formal events, other suit dress codes will allow you to get more creative with your look. Put a twist on the classic brogues by choosing some dual-coloured ones like these Prestige Whitworth brogues by Samuel Windsor. Combining iconic punched leather with contrasting suede panels, these shoes are guaranteed to get head’s turning.

If the event is more casual, you might even opt for some colourful loafers to brighten up your simple suit. Zara have a great selection of on-trend loafers, ranging in colour from red to baby blue, and in finishes such as woven and suede. So, check them out for a bargain.

Invest in a timepiece

watch© Ingersoll/ Garment Quarter

Making use of stylish accessories is a fool-proof way to transform any suit. Particularly if that accessory is a sleek timepiece. A watch can be the perfect way to complete your smart suit look and is sure to add a touch of luxury. And, there’s no better way of doing the former than investing in a designer watch that’s worth every penny.

Whether you choose one with classic qualities like a black or brown leather strap, or you opt for something that’ll standout, there’s something to suit every style. Our pick is this sleek and sophisticated Ingersoll watch from Garment Quarter. Brushed in gold, the stainless-steel bracelet design and scratch-resistant face will ensure your investment stays looking good as new, while giving you a suave look.

Add a pocket square

While a suit can create a smart look in its own, the more traditional details tend to be overlooked. A pocket square can give you some serious style points without looking too try-hard.

If you’re a beginner to pocket squares, don’t get too stressed about matching the fabric to your suit — a classic white square will be versatile enough to match most outfits, as will other muted shades like pink and grey. But, don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns and more exciting designs, like gingham and checks, for a standout look.

Any fabrics thin enough to fit in your breast pocket (without looking bulky) will be suitable to use for a pocket square. However, silk, linen, cotton and wool are all favourable options for this attractive suit addition.

There are many ways to fold your pocket square, with a square design being the simplest and most popular way to wear it. To get up to speed, check out this guide on folding a pocket square from Tie-A-Tie.

Show off a lapel pin

your suitA lapel pin can be the ultimate way of keeping your suit looking sophisticated, while adding a touch of character to your look. Although they’re mainly used for decorative purposes, in some cases they can show your association with certain clubs or organisations.

Ranging from a living flower, to long-stemmed and vintage lapel pins, there’s a wide range available both online and in the shops to give your outfit the extra edge it needed. However, be aware that the variety on offer indicates appropriate and inappropriate moments for wearing each one. For example, the boutonnière is a popular choice for weddings but will look really out of place at a job interview — so give it some thought before you add a lapel pin to your suit.

Accessorise with a belt

There will be some occasions where a belt may not be appropriate, such as black tie. And, technically speaking, your belt should never have to be used to keep your trousers up, because the fit should be perfect anyway! But, it can be a great way to accessorise in less formal occasions.

For a smart and co-ordinated look, be sure to match it to the colour and finish of your shoes. However, don’t be afraid to also use it as a bold accent piece if the event allows it.

Adding even the smallest of details to your suit look can completely transform your outfit for each occasion. So, whether you choose to add a lapel pin, pocket square or a new pair of shoes, our five tips will ensure you’re stepping out in style in no time!

5 small details that will transform your suit – words Alexa Wang




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