Sneaker Event? Yeh You Should Get Yourself to One!

words Blake Timms

When you’re going to buy a pair of sneakers you usually just think about going to your local sports shop or more commonly going on your phone and buying online.

However, if you’re looking for something a little more special then you might want to head to your next local sneaker event. Here you will probably find what you’re looking for but also enlightened and immersed in a whole new culture.

Sneaker Event

Little did you know but for the past ten years or so, sneaker events have been popping up across the UK. Seen as an ‘underground culture’ they have varied in size from the side room of a pub to being in a proper event space. These events have allowed sneaker enthusiasts (aka sneakerheads) to come together and celebrate all things sneaker related as well as buying and selling desired footwear. One of the interesting features from these events is that a lot of the traders are young people. Therefore, making it a great experience for young people to practice selling and the art of deal making.

Although it may be called a sneaker event, there is definitely more than just sneakers. There are artists (of various forms), DJs and young streetwear brands too, all wanting to showcase their products. It literally is an artistic fashion showcase all under one roof. Remember this, most streetwear brands started out really small, so you might just be meeting the owner of the next biggest streetwear brand.

The underground vibes don’t just end there. At most of these events there will be independent street food vendors to feed you and if you’re really lucky sometimes a craft beer stand. Sounds good right? Sneakers, streetwear, good food and alcohol.

vintage Sneakers

Now for some of you, I can already hear, “But I’ve got a young family”. No problem at all, in fact some of the events have kids play sections with sneaker related activities for them to do.

Times of late have been a bit weird and unfortunately sneaker events like many other events have been limited. If you like supporting independent businesses, then these types of sneaker events couldn’t be any more independent if they tried. So when normality returns, check out your local sneaker event. Additionally, they can get these sneakers in a variety of styles and colors, as well as matching apparel, such as matching shirts with Jordans. Buyers can choose the best sneakers based on their preferences. As a result, you will be supporting a whole ecosystem of small businesses as well as a creative culture. From these events, you may even see a business opportunity to help these small businesses grow, spark your own inner creativity or learn a new skill like graphic design. You may even be inspired to start a sneaker event in an area where there currently isn’t one…now that’s a thought! See you won’t just be visiting a sneaker event you’ll be supporting, learning and being inspired.

So next time you’re thinking about sneakers think; in store, online and more importantly sneaker events and on that note, I’ll see you at the next one.

Written by Blake of, where he reviews the latest trainers, provides info on how to look after them and where the latest sneaker events are happening around the country.


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