Here’s How to Impress Your Sweetie on Valentine’s Day

words Al Woods


Whether it’s due to the ghosts of exes past or feeling too much pressure, knowing how to make your sweetie feel special on Valentine’s Day can feel like a minefield. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learn what makes your partner feel special and what your sweetheart loves about the holiday by talking about it. 

Ask questions, stay open-minded, and figure out what works for both of you, so you don’t under-deliver. Then, incorporate the tips below to make this Valentine’s Day one so impressive, your partner won’t ever forget it.

1. Desired

Everyone wants to feel wanted. In some way or another, everyone enjoys feeling attractive and craves the attention of others. In the beginning of a relationship, it’s often fear that keeps us from sharing what we’re thinking. But as time passes, it’s often complacency that keeps us from voicing our compliments. This Valentine’s Day, make a point to tell your partner the positive things you think about them. This should include desirable traits on the inside and out. While men and women appreciate being recognized for their brains, they also want to be seen for their beauty. Help your significant other feel sexy with new lingerie. If this is your first time buying for her, just know that this is something you don’t want to guess wrong. Do a little detective work and double-check. Be sneaky and look without your partner knowing, so you don’t give your plans away.

2. Pampered

Valentine’s Day is all about feeling special and loved. Give your sweetie a spa experience at home. You need to make the space feel fresh. If you haven’t gotten around to Marie Kondo-ing your home yet, shove your clutter under the bed or in your closet. Deep clean the room: vacuum, dusting, washing all your bedding, the works. 

Break out all your candles to set the mood. Draw a warm bubble bath, scattering rose petals across the top for a little light scent, and around the bed. In another setting, it might seem silly, but it’s Valentine’s Day, so turn the TV to a streaming fireplace for the relaxing sounds of a roaring fire. Then, brush up on your massage skills for an in-house massage your partner won’t soon forget.

3. Appreciated

Gratitude letters sound kind of cheesy, if not a little lame. A gratitude letter is a handwritten letter where you write about the impact someone, such as your partner, made on your life and why. Then, you hand over your letter to your sweetheart in person, while you wait for their reaction. It can feel embarrassing, if not more than a little awkward. 

But according to The Happiness Lab, writing an actual letter detailing reasons why someone is important to you and how much you appreciate them doesn’t only make the receiver feel great, it also gives you a boost in your happiness levels that can last for over a month. What could make for a more memorable Valentine’s Day than that? Don’t agonize over your words (or your grammar). Focus on what makes your partner wonderful, and why he or she is someone you celebrate every day, and not just for the next 24 hours.


Make your partner feel desired, pampered, and appreciated this Valentine’s Day. It’s one day out of the year, so make it count. Go all out with new lingerie, a spa day at home, and a gratitude letter to let your partner know how much you care. 


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