Sparkling water: 5 benefits that maybe not everyone knows about

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Sparkling water benefits

Sparkling water, contrary to what you might think, is not bad for you and does not cause weight gain. In fact, these statements are without scientific basis, and regular consumption of this beverage offers multiple benefits for the well-being of the body and beyond. Let’s look at some of them.

1.  Promotes digestion

Sparkling water is able to promote digestion, thanks to the presence of carbon dioxide and the slightly acidic pH. In fact, these elements are able to stimulate the secretion of gastric juices, promoting more efficient digestion even in the case of slow meals and those based on very fatty, rich and difficult-to-digest foods.
In addition, the gas in sparkling water facilitates the emptying of the stomach and the transit of food through the intestines (here you can see more details in Smeraldina sparkling water category), making the digestive process even faster. For these reasons, sparkling water is recommended to have at the table when a rather large meal is planned.

2.  It has good thirst quenching power and is an alternative to other drinks

The carbon dioxide contained in sparkling water not only contributes to a sense of lightness after a meal, but is also very thirst-quenching and satisfying. In fact, it stimulates the taste buds and provides quick relief in case of thirst.
Precisely for this reason, sparkling water is recommended in situations where you need to quench your thirst quickly, such as after intense physical activity or on particularly muggy days typical of the summer season.
It must, then, be emphasized that sparkling water flavored with a few mint leaves and a little lemon juice can also be an excellent substitute for carbonated drinks. The latter, in fact, often have a high amount of sugar and colorants, and should be consumed in moderation, as opposed to water, which can (indeed, should) be drunk every day.

3.  It is useful in diets for weight loss

Another benefit of sparkling water is that it can be drunk as part of a weight loss diet. Of course, like natural water, sparkling water has zero calories and fat.
In addition, the consumption of a glass of sparkling water before lunch and dinner can help reduce the sense of appetite, thereby helping to control caloric intake and support the achievement of weight loss goals set by a professional.

In a nutshell, it is possible to say that sparkling water is an excellent source of hydration and diet support.

4.  It boasts a bacteriostatic effect

The carbonic acid formed during the gassing of water plays a key role in counteracting microbial growth, which is precisely why sparkling waters boast an excellent bacteriostatic effect. In fact, carbonic acid prevents the proliferation of bacteria, helping to maintain the freshness and hygiene of water for a long time.
This characteristic not only improves the quality of the product, but also enables food safety for many years. In fact, not surprisingly, sparkling water keeps longer than natural water.

5.  It has a beneficial effect on the hair

What is not known by everyone is that sparkling water can also be beneficial for the hair. In fact, many stars perform the last rinse after shampooing precisely with bottled water. This choice is motivated by its controlled quality and the absence of limescale and other elements that are harmful to hair health, which are often present in tap water.
Sparkling water, then, due to the presence of carbon dioxide, offers greater degreasing power than natural water. This makes it particularly suitable for those seeking an effective solution for deep cleansing of the hair and for removing residues of accumulated cosmetic products, especially the more aggressive and heavy ones. In addition, it is especially recommended in cases of dandruff, oily scalp and hair that tends to become shiny and greasy in a few days.


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