Some of the best surfing destinations for 2017

Some of the best surfing destinations for 2017 – words Alan Woods

Whether you’re keen to learn how to surf or you simply want to improve your skills and practice in the summer next year then there are a few excellent destinations for you to choose from around the world.

Finding the perfect surf for your skill level isn’t always easy but our guide to the best surfing destinations for 2017 can help you when it comes to booking your trip. You’ll be surprised at how close some of the surfing destinations could be to you, so pack up your favourite wetsuits and head to one of these destinations next year.


Kuta, Indonesia

When it comes to finding some of the best left hand reef breaks, then Kuta in Bali offers a great surfing option particularly for beginners looking to learn how to surf. There’s plenty of sandy beach to relax on in between your surfing trips, and the famous Kuta and Legian tourist strip offers small swells and bigger currents for those looking for a more experienced trip. You can rent old surfboards at the beach huts and there’s also a surfing school. The best time of year to go is from May to September in order to take advantage of the offshore winds and party atmosphere that you can find in Kuta.

Waikiki, Hawaii

If you really want to experience a truly authentic surfing experience then head to the home of surfing in Waikiki. The ancient Hawaiian kings supposedly rode the surf on wooden boards, and you can experience this amongst other beginners and more experienced surfers depending on what you’re looking for. There’s waves all year round, but the Hawaiian summer between June and August is the best time for consistent swells in the South.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is becoming an extremely popular summertime destination, as you can experience a small to mid-size surf all season. There’s plenty to do in Costa Rica making it an exciting family destination as well as a great surfing experience. Costa Rica is also home to some great waves, with some of the most notable being Witch’s Rock and Pavones. You’re certain to find your surfing style when you head to Costa Rica.

Byron Bay, Australia

Everybody knows the surfing culture in Australia, and Byron Bay is now possibly one of the best places in the world to surf, and is a great place to go in the summer. There’s a huge variety of different waves that you can experience, suitable for all different levels of surfers, and while the best time to go is between March and May for warm weather and consistent swell, you can easily surf at Byron Bay all year round. There are some beach breaks at Tallows and The Wreck, and the gentle rollers of Watego Beach to suit every level. There’s also a surf school nearby that offers lessons for those true beginners to the surf, making Byron Bay one of the best destinations to head to if you’re looking to catch some waves.

Some of the best surfing destinations for 2017 – words Alan Woods



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