Talking bouquets… how to buy the right flowers for your loved ones

Throughout history flowers have had hidden messages and meanings associated to them depending on their colour, shape, bloom and combination.

During the Victorian era the language of flowers known as Floriography took off as a result of the strict romance rules of the time. Flower arrangements where used to send encoded messages and express the most intense feelings like love, rejection, jealousy or friendship.

Bouquets based on personality…

A recent study by Serenata Flowers, one of the UK’s leading online florists analysed traits associated with the birth month flowers for every month of the year and correlated this with key traits from the Myers-Briggs personality type indicator to reveal the best flowers for any occasion.

right flowers

January – Carnation – Love / Distinction | February – Violet/Iris – Faithfulness / Hope  | March  – Daffodil – Spring / Rebirth  | April – Daisy – Youth / Purity
May – Lily of the valley – Appreciation | June – Rose – Humility / Sweetness  | July – Larkspur – Levity / Lightness | August – Gladiolus – Moral integrity / Honor 
September – Aster/Myosotis – Patience / Daintiness | October – Marigold – Warm / Fierce | November – Chrysanthemum – Compassion / Friendship | December – Poinsettia – Success 

Flowers for your partner based on their career…

The findings revealed that creative people like screenwriters, urban planners and campaign managers tend to have the personality indicators extroversion, intuition, feeling and perceiving. The Lily of the valley is the perfect flower match for ENFP which aligns with their creative, passionate and charming character. 

People who have careers as attorneys, software developers and dentists tend to have personality type ISTJ. Introversion, sensing, thinking and judging indicators detected in this type of personality match with the traits of the birth flower Aster / Myosotis. A calm, reserved and formal character, they share the birth flower traits of patience, love and passion. This flower is a vivid and vibrant violet known as the royal colour which is signifies tradition, success and admiration.  

right flowers

Flowers that match personality types…

ESTJ personality main traits are tradition, honesty and organizational skills harmonising with the Daffodil flower which carries the birth traits of loyalty, respect, tradition, energy and innovation. This powerful yellow flower is often associated with the beginning of spring as it is one of the first flowers to bloom. 

Further findings uncovered that personality indicators logical, energetic and enthusiastic found in personality type ISTP correlate with the traits of the birth flower Daisy. Partners with the ISTP personality are a loving, caring and optimistic and will find its perfect match with the Daisy flower. This flower is normally associated with the idea of rebirth as they open during the day and close at night.

Keeping tradition alive…

Although we may live in an era where digital romance is the norm, the traditional way of sending bouquets will continue to be the most romantic way of sharing our feelings with the people we care about most. So no matter the occasion, whether that be Valentine’s day, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or just to say thank you, when you’re next picking out your bouquet you may want to think about your flower choices and their meanings. The new Flower Generator Tool by Serenata Flowers will help you pick out the perfect flowers for your loved one. 

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