The importance of good product photography

The importance of good product photography – words Al Woods

A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to good product photography there is nothing truer. There is no denying that the internet plays a huge part in many people’s lives; if we want an answer to a question, we ask Google, if we want to buy something we do an internet search.

There are so many smaller companies popping up all over the place and so many of them sell similar products. If they want to be the one to catch the eye of a potential customer, they have to offer something a little different.

Good product photography can mean the difference between that potential customer choosing your product or one from a competitor. So never underestimate just how powerful a tool the work of a good product photographer can be to your business.

Description is everything

Whilst there are certain things that you can easily describe about your products such as any size information or the materials that it is made of, describing the actual product itself can be much harder.

When you purchase an item in person you have the chance to look at it, touch it, even turn it over and examine it from all angles to be sure it is exactly what you want to buy. When it comes to e-commerce items you are relying on the description and the images and if they are lacking in detail then you may choose not to buy. Quality product photography is used to replace those of the five senses a customer cannot use for an online purchase. As a retailer, you need to ensure that you showcase your products to their fullest potential. Its common sense really, as the retailer you will have had the chance to examine the product in detail and look at it from all angles before deciding to include it in your range, you want to offer your customers the same opportunities. Customers know what they want when it comes to buying products on the internet and that means informative reviews, accurate and detailed descriptions and plenty of high-quality images that allow them to view a product from all angles. If you want to add value to your e-commerce, then you need to provide what customers are looking for.

Choosing a product photographer

There are plenty of companies out there who do product photography. The issue is finding the right one for your requirements. Look for a photographer who is happy to show you plenty of examples of their previous work, this will give you an idea of what they are capable of. You might like to consider a company who can offer you 360-degree photography as well, as this will give you the opportunity to really show off your products to their full advantage.

A trained product photographer will not only have access to a proper studio that has been designed specifically with that use in mind but will also have all the relevant equipment to do the very best job possible. They will also have all the expertise and knowledge to know what works, and what doesn’t work when it comes to showcasing your products to their very best advantage. Also, and very importantly, they will understand what kind of shots need to be produced to show potential customers the very best of any products that you are wanting to add to your website. This is knowledge they will have gained from experience working in the field and of course feedback they have received from previous satisfied clients.


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