How Tech Changed the Way We Play Social Games

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Play Social Games

Technology has been changing our lives as we know it. Did you know that you can now check out the insides of houses that you want to buy and walk in them using augmented reality?

You can go car shopping too just by downloading an app on your phone. Everything is so extremely advanced for our own pleasure and entertainment. Games are so much more dynamic, engaging, and entertaining that they used to. Even the most classical games you used to play you can now enjoy online. 

Remember the old days when the best thing in the world for you as a child was to play hide and seek with your friends at school and cousins at social gatherings. In our modern world, everything is so advanced and developed to the extent that you might beg your children to put their phones and tablets away and try to play with each other. Nowadays, kids don’t even want to go out and enjoy running around the park. Everything is digitalized, tech has allowed all children to enjoy social games in a totally different way. Technology has changed gaming as we know it and even board games are now available online. 

Here’s how the tech changed the way we play social games.

Online Card Games  

You can now enjoy all the famous card games online with friends. You can create different rooms invite specific people and start having some online fun with a card game like cards against humanity, monopoly, and UNO online. You can always play some poker or blackjack too if that’s your kind of thing. This quarantine also motivated many to invent new card games that are becoming quite famous and honestly extremely addictive like gloom and joking hazards. Who imagined we will be playing card games virtually can be fun and as entertaining as playing with your friends in real-time. 

Scrabble and the internet 

Scrabble is a classic board game that helps one exercise their brain and enhance their vocabulary. It’s the perfect game for a family night in and the best thing about it is that you can play it with those who are way older than you are and those who are years younger without getting bored. You will find a lot of cheats that will make this game easier for everyone; this site shows you how you can enter the letters that you have been given and it will generate a variety of different words to help you become an expert in Scrabble. This is a great way to boost your confidence and let you guarantee wins. Scrabble is a classic game that everyone enjoys playing and it’s the perfect game to engage students in some fun learning. 

Video games vs Mobile gaming

online Social Games

You can now play literally any game you want from your phone including all the complicated video games you never thought you will enjoy on your phone. Our phones’ capabilities are extremely impressive. The graphics, motion, and controls are so much easier, better, and more fun on your mobile phones.  You can even communicate live with your friends during games and put plans and strategies to win as a team. No more game rooms, headsets, and lots of gaming equipment, just download the game and start winning. Many games like Fortnight and Pubg, even Need For Speed are now available on app stores and they are so excited to play.  You don’t have to be stuck in your room or home to become a gamer anymore. You can become a gamer on the go.  


You don’t even need a PlayStation anymore, even though play stations are now more technologically advanced and are still enjoyable. Cloud gaming has been revolutionizing this industry. All you need is a couple of joysticks and the internet to enjoy all games at a lower cost and with better quality and speed. No more investing in memory cards, better computers, TVs, and consoles. You can simply access and play any game you can think of by buying it online and experiencing cloud gaming. Make sure you have steady, fast, and stable internet speed though because if you don’t this may turn out to be a really bad experience. 

During this year’s pandemic, you might have come to the realization that online games are not only a good way to waste time but also to exercise your brain, kill some time and connect with friends and family. Playing a virtual game with your friends can leave you feeling less bored and stressed during the quarantine.


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