Which drone should you choose?

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More and more people are learning about drone flying. Not only is this hobby entertaining, but it can also be practical. Camera drones give you new opportunities for exciting photography and filming. The question is just what should be thought of before embarking and flying? We’ll help you get started!

Which drone

Different types of drones

As mentioned earlier, there are different drones.

  • Photo Drone: Is for taking cool and good looking photos from different angles.
  • Video drones: If you post videos on the internet, maybe from your vacation, a video drone is a good complement to your equipment. It is just one that you can get really neat and professional clips – from the top, over the sea and so on.
  • Toy drones: This is probably the least demanding model. Usually it is smaller and has fewer functions. In addition, it may be an idea to first practice flying with a cheaper toy drone before investing in a more expensive model.
  • Competition drones: These should be easy to fly and go fast. This is about winning the race.

What do RTF, ARF and BNF mean?

RTF stands for “Ready-to-Fly”, or ready to fly. In other words, the model comes with everything you need to get started. It has a control, receiver, battery and sometimes even a cheaper charger for recharging batteries. Some RTF kits also have a bit more expensive and better stuff. Because you get everything you need, RTF kits are perfect for those who want to take the first step into the drone hobby.

BNF stands for “Bind-N-Fly”, or connect and fly. BNF products come with everything you need except transmitters. With BNF products you can use the transmitter you prefer and connect it to the model’s receiver. In other words, BNF kits are more for those with experience who already have some controls.

ARF stands for “Almost-Ready-to-Fly” or almost ready to fly. In other words, the model needs a little extra stuff before it can lift. Common extra stuff can be a servo, motor, electronics, battery or even glue. Usually these “do it yourself” kits usually provide examples of what you can buy for parts to complete the model. ARF kits target another market – do-it-yourself enthusiasts and the like.

Which drone tips

Choice of drones

Some drones are very small and are only toys. Other drones are built to fly as fast as possible, so you can compete with others.

Then there are also drones with cameras that allow you to shoot and shoot from brand new angles. They are available as simpler versions with a small built-in camera and also as larger, professional models that can carry several kilos with camera equipment.

How much money you want to spend and what you want to use for drones obviously determines which drone is the best fit.

Drones for play

In this category you will find everything from small and cheap toy drones that fit in your hand to streamlined racing drones that are lightning fast. Flight time, range and how fast they can fly vary greatly. Functionality also varies, and it can be anything from how the drone warns to how it navigates or hovers.

In addition, it may be worth considering if you want a drone that is ready to use, or if you want to modify it and customize it yourself.

Drone with camera

Do you want to shoot action-packed sports videos – for example, following a snowboard rider down the hill – or you want the opportunity to photograph and film from angles you cannot otherwise access, a camera drone is your best friend.

Which camera drone you should choose depends on several things. You have to decide what image quality you need. Do you want 4K video or do you enjoy Full HD for your applications? Are you addicted to being able to upload your photos directly? How long range do you need? (remember that you need to be able to see the drone all the time).

The more advanced models can fly around obstacles and return to you when the battery level becomes too low. Some also automatically follow the subject you are asking it to follow.

Accessories for drones

There are a lot of extra equipment for drones. With an extra spare battery, you can extend the flying pleasure. Propeller shelters are also worth investing in. They are not only gentle on the surroundings, but also make sure the propellers are protected. If you happen to run into something with the propeller, it is smart to bring a couple of spare propellers.

Rules for drone flying

There are a number of rules to follow when it comes to drone flying, both in terms of how to fly, distance to others and how high it is allowed to fly. Therefore, before you begin your first drone flight, it is important that you understand the basic rules. This article offers general general rules about drones.

Features you may wish for

There are some things you might want to look a little extra for when buying your new drone. How long is flight time needed? Of course, this has a lot to do with the battery and can of course be changed to a better one if necessary. If you want a camera, you should of course check out the quality of the camera. There are also fun features such as “return home” which means you don’t have to drive it back without flying “home” yourself. If you’re also looking for budget drones, then find top drones priced under $200 at aeroflydrones.com.


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