How Business-Minded People Cope with the Pandemic

words Al Woods

Pandemic business

No one saw Covid-19 coming and no one expected the enormous changes it made to the world. It’s not only a global crisis in the health sector but business too.

It started in China, as it disrupted the global supply chains and then gave a blow to the stock market. It increased unemployment drastically in the United States due to layoffs induced by the virus. The effects will last for years and years, but there are still ways for business-minded people to minimize the negative outcomes of the global pandemic.

These are some ideas on how business-minded people can get through Covid-19. 

Ensure Employee’s Safety

The first thing an employer or business owner can do is to take all necessary measures to make sure employees are safe. The workforce is an important asset to any business, so their safety and satisfaction are crucial. Businesses should find a good alternative work arrangement for employees. They should encourage the employees to take safety precautions and take care of their health. 


As employers communicate with their employees, they need to communicate with customers as well. Transparency is the best strategy they can follow. If the business and quality of service or products are affected by the on-going circumstances, it helps the business for the customers to know firsthand. This strategy will build a good reputation for the business, as well as, saving it from possible liabilities.

Grow Online Presence

Now is a better chance than ever to have a solid online presence for your business. People are stuck at home and spend more time than ever on the internet. If you sell products, you can sell them online and you can offer discounts on goods and delivery. Build a reliable website and have an online chat tool to answer questions and help with aftersale services. If your services are in the form of seminars or courses, make the customers book online and offer them webinars instead. 

Online Marketing

You don’t want to lose your marketing team amidst the pandemic. They can be the ‘make it or break it’ factor for your business. You can use different marketing strategies to promote your business. You can start blogging or feature your product on a famous blogger’s website which is known as affiliate marketing. An online marketer from states that not many people succeed in affiliate marketing. However, if you find a good online course, you can get the guidance you need for success. It will be a good chance for your product or service to get more reach. 

Be Adaptable and Flexible

One of the most important methods to deal with the crisis is to always be ready to adapt to the ever-changing circumstances. Plan different scenarios in your head and be prepared to handle all the possibilities. If there’s underperformance, try to work out a recovery plan. If there’s a disruption in supply chains, try alternative options. 

Team Work

Pandemic business

Survival in these weird times doesn’t only depend on the business owners, but everyone working for the business. You have to involve leadership and management teams, discuss your plans with them, and ask them for ideas. Brainstorm together and figure out ways you can make the best out of the situation. You can also make a crisis management team that includes members of leadership, operations, strategy, communications, and HR teams. They will be of great help in making important decisions. 

Improve Relationships with Customers

As we mentioned, you can use the internet to establish an online presence and grow your business. Having a good relationship with customers can be a way to save the business, as you will need loyal customers during and after the pandemic is over. You can start creating useful online content and relate it to your service.

Have an inbound number for customers to call and make sure the customer service is professional and efficient. Use the online chat tool as it’s a fast way of communication,  to get back to your customers and hear their inquiries and feedback. Create FAQs on your website for your customers to get to if they have any common questions and save time. Use multiple channels to communicate with your customers, as different people prefer different channels. 

The current global crisis shall pass too but things will never go back to normal. One advice we give is to ride the wave instead of waiting for the sea to calm. The world of business is more volatile than ever which means things can get better or worse. If you stay on track, never lose hope, and ponder your moves, you can survive and possibly even prosper.


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