How are mobile POS systems boosting sales in retail stores?

words Al Woods

Card payments are increasing in volume. More and more of us are enjoying the ease of swiping a card on the machine or not having to deal with cash and instead simply inputting a pin. This is why it makes sense for many retailers to now also go mobile with their POS systems.

Mobile POS systems are delivering a positive return for retailers – especially during busy periods. They ensure people can quickly and easily pay for their goods when footfall is high. It reduces the likelihood of customers becoming disgruntled and leaving the store without buying anything, improving the amount of sales overall.


Retailers who must deal with days such as Black Friday or Boxing Day sales could benefit by having staff located throughout the store who can offer payment services on the spot. This means no queues snaking around the store and taking up aisle space, and is a novelty customers will enjoy.

It is predicted that 28% of retailers, internationally, are moving towards a mobile POS system and that by 2023 the market value of such a system will be more than £40 billion.

Mobile POS can also improve customer engagement as staff take a showroom-like approach, discussing customer’s purchases with them while they browse and allowing them a smooth and stress free transaction without having to head to the till.

Upsell opportunities are also increased as you discuss their options in store and your staff will also never need to leave a customer’s side to check on something. They can move around the store easily while still having the ability to take payment and make the sale at the end of the process.

This can build up a great reputation as a brand that values customers, with friendly staff who can guide a customer from start to finish of the buying process.

A good POS system will sync automatically with your accountancy software, making it easier to manage the admin later and can be used on familiar and easy to handle hardware, such as a tablet.

Examples of retailers mobile POS will definitely benefit:

  • Electronic retailers – Staff can be located on the shop floor in ‘hotspots’ (i.e. the TV aisle on Boxing Day or fitness trackers for New Year) and capitalise on the increased foot traffic in those areas and encourage customers into choosing an appliance to make a sale.
  • Furniture retailers – Mobile POS means staff can quickly and easily load up a sale to the system, which a customer can then pick up later after browsing more. It saves the hassle of taking names and product numbers and allows customers to be captured in the moment.

Of course, there are some limitations to mobile POS – for example, it can only handle card payments – but the pros greatly outweigh the cons. It’s just one of many ways technology is benefiting the high street and if you haven’t yet considered implementing such a system in your store, 2018 is a good time to look into it.




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