Advantages of using NCERT solutions for Class 7 science

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Every student wants to score good marks in their exams. However, the vast nature of the syllabus makes it practically impossible for the students to score good marks in the exam. In addition to this many of the students of Class 7 are not mature enough to understand the text that is present in the textbooks.

So it is important to present the text in an easy and simple manner to these students. The students of Class 7 can have the following advantages if they use NCERT Solutions for their preparations:

NCERT solutions

Presents the chapters in an easy form

A student of Class 7 is not very mature. Thus it will be tough for him to understand the text if it is written in a complicated form. Thus it is important to ensure that the Class 7 student can study simple text that is easy to understand for him. The solution presents the chapter in a simple form that is easy to understand for the students. Once the student can understand the contents of the chapter they can prepare for the exam. This, in turn, will help them to score good marks.

The students can prepare at their own time

Another advantage of using these study materials is that they do not build any time-related pressure on the students. The students can study from these at their own time. Additionally, even if they miss some classes due to sickness then they can use these study materials to clear their concepts.Some students cannot approach their teachers in the presence of other students. The solutions will help them clear their problems at their own time even without the need to approach their teachers.

classroom tech

Contains different types of questions

Only studying the syllabus is not enough in today’s world. Students also need to practice the different types of questions that may come in the exam. Though the textbook also contains questions but the NCERT solutions contain a wide variety of questions. Since such a wide variety of questions are present in the study materials so there are chances that the student could get some common questions as well. Thus practicing questions from the study material helps the students to stay ahead of other similar students as well.

Helps students to find the important topics from the chapters

A textbook contains all the topics of the syllabus. Thus it is practically impossible for the students to understand the important parts of the textbook. However, a study material contains only important topics. So the students can understand which parts of the chapter are most likely to come in the exams. This will help the student prepare properly for the exam as they can plan their mode of study for these parts. Proper planning by the students helps them to score good marks in their exam. This in turn makes their families happy.

Contains mock question papers for preparation

Another characteristic of these solutions is that they contain mock question papers. It is a well-known fact that only studying can never help a student be ready for exams. Preparation is only complete once the student has the feel of exams. Mock tests give the student this much-required feel. Most students will agree that mock test papers are not present in the textbooks. They can only get them through the study material. In addition to this mock tests also provide the students with questions that are similar to the ones that come in the exam hall. Additionally, students can also check the time during the mock tests. This helps them prepare for the exam.

The following are some of the advantages of using ncert solutions for class 7 science. However, they should always remember that study material can never be a shortcut for textbooks. Students should use study materials only after they have properly studied the textbooks. They should always treat textbooks and study materials as complementary to each other, not as substitutes. If they can study both then they will be able to score very good marks during the exam.

In addition to this, they should also respect their teachers. Teachers have got to their position after several years of experience so they are obviously extremely knowledgeable. Students should always respect this and should hear their lectures properly. If the student hears the lectures properly then half of the job is done here only. Thus it will become easy for them to score good marks in the exam.


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