The Facets of Technology Transforming Human Life

words Al Woods

Technology evolves faster than humanity can keep up with it. We aren’t constantly aware of the change’s technology is making to human life. It goes beyond our obsession with our phones. In the new era of Industry 5.0, technology is augmenting every facet of human life, and as it continues to evolve, the interaction between humans and technology is expected to make life easier. From automation and robotics to blockchain technology and the data-driven economy, these technological advances are transforming human life, including the manufacturing environment, from car manufacturing to medicinal drug production.

Technology Transforming


Machine learning and automation has been around for a while now, but it continues to become a more integrated part of society. Automation is when machines can operate themselves with sophisticated algorithmic technology. Not only is automation being used in warehouses and factories, but you can also find it in self-driving cars, robotics, and other technologies. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often used in automation. The ability for machines to teach themselves and stay on a path without human engagement is changing our lives in all sorts of ways. As time goes on, you will be able to see the influence of automation more and more.


You’ve probably aware of all the science fiction depicting robots in all their various forms. The reality of robotics has taken longer than the fiction, but there are plenty of developments in the industry. Teleoperated robots provide the ability for humans to perform tasks in dangerous areas without risking their bodies. There are plenty of robotic enhancements that increase human capabilities while protecting the body. 

There are also robots found in the household, most commonly in the form of a floor cleaner. In the coming years, there will likely be more robots and robotic enhancements. It might not be in the way that you imagined or saw in a sci-fi movie, but robotics is evolving and will continue to make an impact on human life.

Block-Chain Technology

Block-chain technology has also entered the zeitgeist in a big way. It is essentially a digital list or records that are made with cryptography used to prove the digital ownership of something. Cryptocurrency is the most known form of block-chain technology. Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others are made possible by this technology. Beyond cryptocurrency, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are sold and owned using block-chain. With block-chain technology, we now can prove digital ownership of something, which has changed the game of increasingly intangible economy. This technology will be used into the future and the ways that we use it will evolve.


Data has become one of the most valuable resources on the planet. It is becoming the basis of much of our economy. The ability to collect, sell, and buy data has become central to the way that big tech companies operate. When you have information about your customers, you can use it to find out what is working in your company. You can find new target demographics and even discover avenues for new products and services. The ethics of data acquisition and usage is still evolving, but there is no doubt that it has become a huge part of our world. With data storage, analysis, and implantation, tech businesses of all kinds can excel and grow.


Surveillance is another facet of technology that is changing human life. Between CCTVs, corporate access to device cameras and microphones, and the ability to have 360-surveillance around your house, the technology available to surveil places and people is unmatched to any other time in history. The technology is already widely available, but as individuals and companies continue to utilize technology to keep track of things our lives will change in many ways.

Technology is changing our entire world and the way we live. Not only will technology provide ways to improve efficiency and safety, but it will also lead to legitimate concerns. The problems that new technologies will cause may be easily solved by their advancements. Technology’s evolution will impact nearly every aspect of our lives and our civilization.

While the progression of technology won’t slow down anytime soon, it will alter the way we live quite quickly. There are self-driving cars, robots to make dangerous tasks safer, block-chain technologies to prove digital ownership, data that can be analyzed, and a full surveillance apparatus that will have a huge impact on human life. These aren’t the only technologies that will change the way we live. 

Ryan Beitler is a journalist and writer who has covered technology for many different publications. 


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