Things to Think About When You’re Buying Sunglasses

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Spring and summer are just around the corner! Long summer evenings, and bright, sunny mornings await those who have patiently endured the darkness of winter. The shops fill with flowery summer dresses and bright patterned shirts, swimming trunks and flip flops.

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If you’re getting ready for some sunshine, you’re likely on a  quest to find the perfect pair of sunglasses. Whether you need them for the daily commute or for relaxing on the beach, sunglasses are a basic necessity for many people. Choosing them however can prove to be a challenge! What should you think about when you’re shopping for and choosing the right pair of sunglasses for you? The list below will give you a few important things to think about when you’re buying sunglasses.

  1. UV Protection. It’s important to remember that sunglasses are more than a fashion statement. They also should offer a certain level of UV protection too. In fact, this factor is probably one of the most important, the top of your list of priorities. Always choose 100 per cent UV blocking sunglasses, or ones that are labelled “UV absorption up to 400m. Ensure that the sunglasses you wear are going to protect your precious eyes form the harmful UV rays of the light, and that they screen out about 75 to 90 per cent of visible light. If you make the wrong choice in this regard, the damage can be catastrophic and irreversible.
  2. Face Shape. You can’t buy blind when it comes to ch losing sunglasses – size is important. For example, companies like Faded Days Sunglasses offer sunglasses designed with larger heads in mind. Therefore it is possible to find a suitable pair of sunglasses that will suit your particular style as well as your own face shape.
  3. Lens Quality. Lens quality is also important, so look for glasses that have a uniform tint. Hold out the sunglasses and look at a straight line through the lens and check that the line doesn’t get distorted or moved. If it does, it’s a sign that there are imperfections in the lens which won’t be good for your eyes.
  4. Cost. The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to get a pair of sunglasses of high quality. High prices doesn’t always mean high quality, so don’t get swayed by expensive glasses thinking they will offer the best protection. Similarly, don’t be put off from buying any sunglasses at all, thinking you have to spend a fortune. Set yourself a budget and then look for the highest quality you can get for that price. You’ll likely be surprised at what you find.
  5. Lifestyle. Considering your lifestyle will help you to make the best choice for you in regards to your sunglasses. Consider what your daily routine is and the kind of activities you are involved in. The choice will differ depending on what you get up to and the kind of situations you’re in throughout the day.
  6. Bigger is Better. Bigger sunglasses will give you more coverage, and more coverage means greater protection for your eyes. If you can go for either wraparound sunglasses or oversized ones, this will help to reduce the amount of UV rays that can enter your eye.

It’s Sunglasses Time!

Hopefully with these few tips you can make the right choice when it comes to deciding on your perfect pair of sunglasses this summer. With the balance of aesthetic an pd safety, you can enjoy the sun while being protected and looking great at the same time?


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